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A-Alikes "I Eat U Eat" CD [$12] Guerilla Nation/Nervous (NER20561)
Aardvark "Love Music" CD [$12] Mochilla (MOCD013)
Abstract Rude "Rejuvenation" CD [$14] Rhymesayers (RS0106)
A-Butta (Natural Elements) "Vaudeville Spit" 2xCD [$15] Kings Link
Access Immortal "Shades of Reality" CD [$13] Early Spotter/Amalgam (ESR001)
Access Immortal "Birth of a Dream" CD [$13] Introspect
Aceyalone "All Balls Don't Bounce: Revisited" 2xCD [$12] Decon (DC008)
Aceyalone (prod. Elusive) "Hip Hop And The World We Live In" CD [$10] Project Blowed/Decon (DCN89)
Aceyalone "Accepted Eclectic" CD [$10] Project Blowed/Decon (DCN90)
Aceyalone "Love & Hate" CD [$15] Project Blowed/Deconstruction (276492)
Aceyalone & RJD2 "Magnificent City" CD [$13] Project Blowed/Decon (DCN34)
Aceyalone "Grand Imperial" CD [$12] Decon (DCN35)
Aceyalone "Lightning Strikes" CD [$13] Decon (70016)
Aceyalone "The Lonely Ones" CD [$12] Decon (DCN70)
Action Bronson & Statik Selektah "Well Done" CD [$15] Dcide/Switchblade (21)
Adriana Evans "Nomadic" CD [$14] animatedcartunes (ACT002)
Aesop Rock "Float" CD [$15] Mush (MH202)
Aesop Rock "Labor Days" CD [$15] Def Jux (DJX13)
Aesop Rock "Daylight" CD [$10] Definitive Jux (DJX21)
Aesop Rock "Bazooka Tooth" CD [$15] Definitive Jux (DJX68)
Aesop Rock "Fast Cars, Danger, Fire And Knives" (Re-Release w/bonus track) CD [$10] Definitive Jux (DJX117)
Aesop Rock "None Shall Pass" CD [$15] Definitive Jux (DJX144)
Aesop Rock, Rob Sonic & DJ Big Wiz (Hail Mary Mallon) "Are You Gonna Eat That" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (70136)
Aesop Rock "Skelethon" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (70153)
Afu-Ra "Body of the Life Force" CD [$15] Koch (KOC8210)
Afu Ra presents Perverted Monks - CD [$13] Reggae Lounge (RLG8)
Afu-Ra & PF Cuttin "Voice of the People" CD [$10] Life Force
A.G. "Get Dirty Radio" CD [$15] Look (LKR8)
Agallah "The Don Bishop: You Already Know" CD [$15] Purple City/Babygrande (BBG40)
Air "Talkie Walkie" CD [$15] Astralwerks (ASW96724)
Airborn Audio (High Priest & M. Sayyid) "Good Fortune" CD [$13] Ninja Tune (ZEN95)
Akir "Legacy" CD [$12] One/Viper (VR006)
Akrobatik "Balance" CD [$13] Coup d'Etat (CDE0011)
Akrobatik "Absolute Value" CD [$5] Fat Beats (FB5123)
Alchemist presents "The Cutting Room Floor: 1st Infantry Mixtape" CD [$12] 1st Infantry (IR7201)
Alchemist "1st Infantry" CD [$15] Koch (KOC9548)
Alchemist "1st Infantry" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$15] Koch (KOC9968)
Alchemist "The Chemistry Files Vol. 1" CD [$15] ALC Records (ALC406)
Alchemist "No Days Off" CD [$14] ALC Records (ALC407)
Alchemist "Rapper's Best Friend: An Instrumental Series" CD [$14] Decon (DCN48)
Alchemist "The Cutting Room Floor Vol. 2" CD [$15] (ALC408)
Alchemist "Chemical Warfare" CD [$15] Koch (KOC4220)
Alchemist & Oh No "Gangrene: Gutter Water" CD [$15] Le Plan/Decon (DCN101)
Alchemist & Oh No (Gangrene) "Vodka & Ayahuasca" CD [$10] Decon (DCN143)
Alchemist "Rapper's Best Friend 2: An Instrumental Series" CD [$10] Decon (DCN151)
Alchemist "Russian Roulette" CD [$13] Decon (DCN162)
Alias "The Other Side of the Looking Glass" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0022)
Alias "Muted" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0036)
Alias & Ehren "Lillian" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0054)
Alias & Tarsier "Brookland/Oaklyn" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0059)
Ali Shaheed Muhammad (Tribe Called Quest) "Shaheedullah And Stereotypes" CD [$15] Penalty (PEN7003)
Alkaholiks "21 & Over" CD [$10] Loud (66280)
Alkaholiks "Coast II Coast" CD [$10] Loud (66446)
Alkaholiks "Likwidation" CD [$13] Loud (7860)
Alkaholiks "Firewater" CD [$15] Koch (KOC8472)
All Natural "No Additives, No Preservatives (New Version)" CD [$15] All Natural (AN03)
All Natural "Second Nature" CD [$15] Thrill Jockey (THRILL099)
All Natural "Vintage" CD [$15] All Natural (AN034)
All Natural "Anthology Vol. 1" CD [$14] All Natural (AN41)
Almighty (Killah Priest, Bronze Nazareth, C-Rayz Walz, M-80, Son One & 5-Star) "Original Sin: Strength In Numbers" CD [$3] Babygrande (BYG0367)
Aloe Blacc (Emanon) "Shine Through" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2138)
Aloe Blacc "Good Things" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH7224)
Al Tariq "God Connections" (New Version) CD [$17] Traffic (71004)
Alterbeats "The French Revolution" CD [$10] Alterprod (ALTCD01)
Amadeus The Stampede "House of Broken Mirrors" CD [$12] (LEEDZ003)
Amad-Jamal "Barely Hangin On: The Chronicles of a Brotha Like Rodney King" CD [$13] Urban Empires (UU0001)
Amanda Blank "I Love You" CD [$14] Downtown (DWT70089)
A.M. Breakups "The Cant Resurrection" CD [$13] Backwoodz (BWZ727)
American Poets 2099 "Murderous Poetry" CD [$12] Know The Names
Ammon Contact "Sounds Like Everything" CD [$12] Plug Research (PR45)
Ammon Contact "One In An Infinity of Ways" CD [$12] Plug Research (PLG56)
Ammon Contact "New Birth" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN105)
Amon Tobin "Solid Steel: Recorded Live" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN90)
Amon Tobin "Chaos Theory: Splinter Cell Soundtrack" CD [$13] Ninja Tune (ZEN100)
Amp Live (Zion I) "Murder At The Discotech" CD [$13] Child's Play (30959)
Animal Farm "Culture Shock" CD [$14] Focused Noise
Anticon presents "Music for the Advancement of Hip-Hop" CD [$15] Massmen (MM003)
Anticon Label Sampler 1999-2004 - CD [$8] Anticon (ABR0031)
AntiMC "It's Free But It's Not Cheap" CD [$12] Mush (MH250)
Anti-Pop Consortium "The Ends Against The Middle" CD [$10] Warp (WRP9154)
Anti-Pop Consortium vs. Matthew Shipp CD [$15] Thirsty Ear (THI57120)
Anti-Pop Consortium "Flourescent Black" CD [$15] Big Dada (BD150)
Apathy "Eastern Philosophy" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG9016)
Apathy & Celph Titled "No Place Like Chrome" (IMPORT) CD [$20] Antidote (ANT113)
Apathy "Wanna Snuggle" CD [$15] Endless (DGZ423)
Apathy "Honkey Kong" 2xCD [$15] Dirty Version (DRV101)
Apathy "The Alien Tongue" CD [$17] Dirty Version (DRV102)
Apathy "Fire Walk With Me (It's The Bootleg Muthafu@kas Vol. 3)" 2xCD [$17] Dirty Version (DRV103)
A-Plus "My Last Good Deed" CD [$13] Hieroglyphics (230124)
Apollo Brown "Clouds" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG015)
Apollo Brown & O.C. "Trophies" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG026)
Arabian Prince "Innovative Life: Anthology 1984-89" CD [$14] Stones Throw (STH2192)
AR.change.L (Archangel) "The Visualization" CD [$3] Next Noise/P.A.P.E.R.
Arsonists "As The World Burns" CD [$15] Matador (OLE343)
Arsonists "Date of Birth" CD [$15] Matador (OLE476)
Asterisk: Four - CD [$13] QN5 Music (HBDQ25)
A-Team (Aceyalone & Abstract Rude) "Who Re-Framed The A-Team" CD + DVD [$15] Decon (DCN36)
A3C Volume 1 - 2xCD [$17] ihiphop (IHI65)
Atmosphere "Overcast!" CD [$15] Rhyme Sayers (RS0222)
Atmosphere "Lucy Ford: The Atmosphere EP's" CD [$15] Rhyme Sayers (RS2200)
Atmosphere "Headshots Se7en" 2xCD [$15] Rhymesayers (RHY53)
Atmosphere "God Loves Ugly + Sad Clown Bad Dub 4" (New Version) CD + DVD [$15] Rhymesayers (RSE0031)
Atmosphere "Seven's Travels" CD [$15] Rhymesayers/Epitaph (EPI86690)
Atmosphere "You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (RSE0069)
Atmosphere "When Life Give You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold" (LIMITED EDITION) CD + DVD [$18] Rhymesayers (70095)
Atmosphere "Sad Clown Bad Summer Number 9" CD [$10] Rhymesayers (RSE0089)
Atmosphere "Sad Clown Bad Fall 10" CD [$10] Rhymesayers (RS0090)
Atmosphere "Sad Clown Bad Winter #11" CD [$10] Rhymesayers (RSE0091)
Atmosphere "Sad Clown Bad Spring #12" CD [$10] Rhymesayers (RS0094)
Atmosphere "To All My Friends, Blood Makes The Blade Holy" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (70123)
Atmosphere "The Family Sign" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (70130)
A-Trak "Infinity + 1" CD [$15] Thrive (90792)
Audio Two "What More Can I Say" CD [$10] Atlantic (90907)
Ave All Stars Volume 1 - CD [$14] Switch 17 (90275)
Awar "The Laws of Nature" CD [$15] Lions Pride (LPR0101)
Away Team (Justus League) "Training Day" CD [$13] Hall of Justus (HOJ005)
Away Team "Scars & Stripes" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2235)
AWOL One "Self Titled" CD [$14] Paladin (PAL2079)
Awol One & Factor "Owl Hours" CD [$13] Fake Four (10)
Awol One & Ecid "Are" CD [$15] Fill In The Breaks (FITB21)
Awol One & Factor "The Landmark" CD [$12] Fake Four (FFINC023)
AWOL One & Nathaniel Motte "The Child Star" CD [$10] Fake Four Inc (FFI028)
Ayatollah "Now Playing" CD [$13] Nature Sounds (NSD121)
Ayatollah "Louder" CD [$15] Triboro (TBC278)
Ayatollah "Live From The MPC 60" 3xCD [$18] Greenstreets (GSE726)
AZ "Doe Or Die" CD [$13] EMI (32631)
AZ "Doe Or Die (15th Anniversary Edition)" CD [$15] Quiet Money (QM107)
AZ "Decade 1994-2004" 2xCD [$15] B.E.C. (BEC403)
AZ "AWOL Version 1.5" (w/Instrumental + Accapella) 2xCD [$17] Fastlife (FSL64)
AZ "The Format" CD + DVD [$17] Quiet Money (QM103)
AZ presents Begetz "Ghetto Pass" CD [$15] Cleopatra (CLP1670)
AZ "Memphis Sessions: The Remixtape" 2xCD [$15] Streetcore (QM105)
AZ "Undeniable" CD [$15] Koch (KOC5027)
AZ "Anthology: B-Sides & Unreleased" CD [$15] (BEC404)
AZ "Legendary" CD [$15] Real Talk (71)
AZ "G.O.D. (Gold Oil & Diamonds)" CD [$15] Siccness (63)
Baby Blak "Once You Go Blak" CD [$15] BBE/Rapster (RAP20)
Baby Paul (Beatminerz) "Undaground Veteran 1995-2005" CD [$12]
Bad Meets Evil (Eminem & Royce Da 5-9) "Hell: The Sequel" (Deluxe Edition) CD [$15] Shady/Interscope (B0015733)
Baldhead Slick & Da Click (Guru of Gang Starr) CD [$10] Illkid (LSR9205)
Baron Zen "At The Mall" CD [$14] Stones Throw (STH2128)
Baron Zen "At The Mall: Remixes" CD [$14] Stones Throw (STH2160)
Basic Vocab "The General Dynamic" CD [$13] AVX Music (AVX1501)
Battle Axe Warriors II - CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAX1010)
Battle Axe Warriors III - CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAX1014)
Bazooka Joe presents "The Silver Album (Jay-Z vs. RJD2)" CD [$10] Truck Jewls
Bazooka Joe (Truck Jewls) "Progressive Retro" 2xCD [$13] Truck Jewls
Bazooka Joe (Truck Jewls) "Pressure Busts Pipes" CD [$12]
Bazooka Joe & Impulss "Bronx, New Orleans: Respect Where It Started" CD [$12] Quarter Rat
Bazooka Joe (Truck Jewls) "The Slang Parade" CD [$12] Mindbenda
B-Boy Records "The Archives: Rare & Unreleased" 2xCD [$15] B-Boy (TEG3311)
B. Dolan "Fallen House Sunken City" CD [$13] Strange Famous (SFR029)
Beanie Sigel "The B. Coming" CD [$13] Roc-A-Fella (B0003082)
Beans "Tomorrow Right Now" CD [$15] Warp (WARP103)
Beans "Now Soon Someday" CD [$10] Warp (WAP167)
Beans "Shock City Maverick" CD [$15] Warp (WARP125)
Beans "End It All" CD [$17] Anticon (ABR108)
Beastie Boys "Licensed To Ill" CD [$10] Def Jam (314527351)
Beastie Boys "Paul's Boutique (20th Anniversary)" CD [$17] Capitol (693300)
Beastie Boys "Hello Nasty: Instrumentals" CD [$13] (BBSV6)
Beastie Boys "To The 5 Boroughs" CD [$15]
Beastie Boys "Solid Gold Hits" CD + DVD [$20] Capitol (44050)
Beastie Boys "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two" CD [$17] Capitol (05639)
Beat Generation (compilation) CD [$10] BBE/Rapster (RR0030)
Beat Generation - 10th Anniversary Collection 2xCD [$17] BBE (BBE162)
Beatnuts "Intoxicated Demons" CD [$14] Relativity (1114)
Beatnuts "Street Level" CD [$14] Relativity (1179)
Beatnuts "Milk Me" CD [$15] Penalty (7001)
Bekay "Hunger Pains" CD [$13] Coalmine
Bending Mouth - CD [$12] Tinmen/Skyscrapers
Beneficence "Sidewalk Science" CD [$13] Ill Adrenaline (IAR070)
Beyond "Comparison" CD [$14] Rhymesayers (RS0177)
Big Boi of Outkast "Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty" (Deluxe Edition) CD + DVD [$18] Def Jam (B0014505)
Big City (Beatnuts) "The City Never Sleeps" CD [$13] Nature Sounds (NSD132)
Big Daddy Kane "Long Live The Kane" CD [$10] Cold Chillin/Warner Bros. (25731)
Bigg Jus "Machines That Make Civilization Fun" CD [$15] Mush (51283)
Big John "The Next Step" CD [$13] Magnus (MAG6454)
Big K.R.I.T. "Return of 4Eva" CD [$15] Green Streets (GSE743)
Big K.R.I.T. "Krit Wuz Here" CD [$15] Green Streets (GSE742)
Big L "Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous" CD [$10] Columbia (53795)
Big L "The Big Picture" CD [$15] Rawkus (26136)
Big Noyd "Episodes of a Hustla" CD [$15] (TEG75522)
Big Noyd "On The Grind" CD [$15] Monopolee (MPL3)
Big Noyd "The Stick Up Kid" CD [$14] Traffic (TEG2430)
Big Noyd "Illustrious" CD [$15] Koch (KOC4472)
Big Noyd "Street Kings" CD [$14] Noyd Inc. (NOYD1210)
Big Noyd "Queens Chronicle" CD [$14] Noyd Inc. (NOYD1320)
Big Pun "Capital Punishment" CD [$15] Loud (1815)
Big Pun "Yeeeah Baby" CD [$10] Loud (63843)
Big Sean "Finally Famous: The Album" (Deluxe Edition) CD [$15] Def Jam (B0015831)
Big Shug feat. DJ Premier "Never Say Die: The Pre-Album" CD [$15] Year Round/Head Quarterz (HQ8008)
Big Shug (Gang Starr Foundation) "Otherside of the Game" CD [$15] Team Shug (TEG2453)
Big Shug "I.M. 4-Eva" CD [$15] Brick (BRK120)
Big Twins "The Grimey Collection" CD [$13] Dirt Class (DCR5001)
Big Twins (Infamous Mobb) "The Project Kid" CD [$14] Dirt Class (DCR5003)
Big Tone "The Art of Ink" CD [$14] Tres (TR396056)
Bilal "1st Born Second" CD [$15] Interscope (069493009)
Bilal "Airtight's Revenge" CD [$12] Plug Research (PLG105)
Billy Woods "The Chalice" CD [$15] Backwoodz
Bisc 1 "The Basics" CD [$8] Embedded (BED13)
Bizarre of D12 "Hannicap Circus" CD [$15] Sanctuary (87535)
Biz Markie "Goin Off" 2xCD [$17] Traffic (77511)
Biz Markie "Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz" CD [$15] Traffic (77502)
Biz Markie "Weekend Warrior" CD [$12] Tommy Boy (TB1574)
Biz Markie "Ultimate Diabolical" CD [$15] Cold Chillin (77510)
BK-One "Radio Do Canibal" CD [$14] Rhymesayers (RS0014)
Blacastan "Blac Sabbath" CD [$14] Brick (BRK099)
Blacastan "The Master Builder Part II" 2xCD [$15] Brick (BRK116)
Blackalicious "Blazing Arrow" CD [$15] MCA (088112806)
Blackalicious "The Craft" CD [$13] Quannum/Anti/Epitaph (ATI86745)
Black Eyed Peas "Behind The Front" CD [$15] Interscope (90152)
Black Eyed Peas "Bridging The Gap" CD [$10] Interscope (069490661)
Black Eyed Peas "Elephunk" CD [$15] Interscope (488557)
Black Eyed Peas "Monkey Business" CD [$14] A&M (B0004341)
Black Eyed Peas "The E.N.D." CD [$14] Interscope (B0012887)
Black Market Militia (Killah Priest, Tragedy Khadafi, Hell Razah & Timbo King) "Black Market Militia" CD [$13] Nature Sounds (NSD115)
Black Market Militia & William Cooper "Beware of the Pale Horse" CD [$14] Gemstarr Regime (GEM8932)
Black Milk "Popular Demand" CD [$13] Fat Beats (6591235121)
Black Milk "Popular Demand (INSTRUMENTAL)" CD [$12] Fat Beats (FB5122)
Black Milk "Caltroit" CD [$3] Music House (MH003)
Black Milk & Fat Ray "The Set Up" CD [$13] Music House (MH004)
Black Milk "Tronic" CD [$5] Fat Beats (FB5125)
Black Milk "Album of the Year" CD [$5] Fat Beats (5132)
Black Milk & Danny Brown "Black And Brown" CD [$10] Fat Beats (FB5152)
Black Moon "Enta Da Stage" CD [$15] Wreck (02002)
Black Moon "Diggin In Dah Vaults" CD [$15] Wreck (20232)
Black Moon "Total Eclipse" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2005)
Black Rob "Game Tested Street Approved" CD [$17] Duck Down (DDM2225)
Black Opera "Entermission" CD [$13] Mello Music (MMGLTD001)
Black Sheep "A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing" CD [$10] Mercury (848368)
Black Sheep "Love Is Love" (mixed by Bazooka Joe) CD [$10]
Black Sheep "8WM/Novakane" CD [$13] Bum Rush (DR001)
Black Sheep "From The Black Pool of Genius" CD [$13] Bum Rush
Black Spade "To Serve With Love" CD [$12] Om Records (OM282)
Blak Madeen "Sacred Defense" CD [$12] Leedz (LEEDZ006)
Blame One "Days Chasing Days" CD [$13] Soulspazm (SS030)
Blaq Poet (Screwball) "Rewind: Deja Screw" CD [$15] Screwball (TEG2426)
Blaq Poet (Screwball) "Blaq Out" CD [$15] Pro Wax (PRO106)
Blaq Poet (Screwball) "The Blaqprint + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$15] Year Round (YRR2009)
Blaq Poet (Screwball) "Blaq Poet Society" CD [$15] Brick (BRK111)
Blaq Poet (Screwball) "E.B.K. (Every Body Killa)" CD [$15] On The Block (OTB001)
Blastah Beatz "Graduate Studies" CD [$17] Ascetic/Module (MOD036)
Blitz The Ambassador "Stereotype" CD [$13] Embassy MVMT (EM001)
Blockhead "Music By Cavelight" CD [$12] Ninja Tune (ZEN88)
Blockhead "Downtown Science" CD + DVD [$13] Ninja Tune (ZEN113)
Blockhead "The Music Scene" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN149)
Blockhead "Interludes After Midnight" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN184)
Bloody Monk Consortium "Bloodshed" CD [$12] Johnny23
Blu "Her Favorite Colo(u)r" CD [$15] (NSD146)
Blu "Jesus" CD [$14] Nature Sounds (NSD150)
Blu "Open" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD151)
Blu "NoYork" CD [$15] New World Color (NWC003)
Blu & Exile "Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them" CD [$15] Dirty Science (FB5156)
Blue Note Revisited (compilation) CD [$15] Blue Note (90266)
Blueprint "1988" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (0057)
Blueprint "Adventures In Counter Culture" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (RSE0124)
Blue Scholars "Bayani Redux" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2130)
Blue Sky Black Death presents "The Holocaust" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG1000)
Blue Sky Black Death "The Holocaust (INSTRUMENTAL)" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG364)
Blue Sky Black Death presents Hell Razah "Razah's Ladder" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG330)
Blue Sky Black Death "Late Night Cinema" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG353)
Blue Sky Black Death "Razah's Ladder Instrumentals" CD [$5] Babygrande (BYG395)
Blue Sky Black Death "Third Party" CD [$10] Fake Four Inc (21)
Blue Sky Black Death "Noir" CD [$12] Fake Four (FFINC025)
Boog Brown "The Brown Study Remixes" CD [$10] Mello Music (MMG012B)
Boogie Down Productions "Criminal Minded" (Elite Edition Box Set) 3xCD [$18] B-Boy Records (76533)
Boogie Down Productions "The Best of the B-Boy Sessions" 2xCD [$15] B-Boy (TEG3306)
Boogie Down Productions "By All Means Necessary" CD [$12] Jive (1097)
Boogie Down Productions "Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop" CD [$10] Jive (1187)
Boogie Down Productions "Live Hardcore Worldwide" CD [$10] Jive (1425)
Boom Bap Project "Reprogram" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RHY60)
Boom Bip & Dose One "Circle" CD [$15] Mush (MH201)
Boom Bip "Seed To Sun" CD [$15] Lex (LEX5060)
Boom Bip "Corymb" CD [$13] Lex (LEX021)
Boom Bip "Blue Eyed In The Red Room" CD [$15] Lex (LEX034)
Boot Camp Clik "The Last Stand" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2035)
Boot Camp Clik "Casualties of War" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2055)
Boycott Blues "Irony" CD [$13] Brick/Sun Moon (BRKSM096)
Brand New Heavies "Heavy Rhyme Experience Vol. 1" CD [$12] Delicious Vinyl (76767)
Brand Nubian "One For All" CD [$10] Elektra (60946)
Brand Nubian "Fire In The Hole" CD [$3] Babygrande (BBG32)
Brand Nubian "Time's Runnin Out" CD [$15] Sound of Dissent (TEG2442)
Brand Nubian "Enter The Dubstep Vol. 2" CD [$15] ihiphop (42)
Brassmunk "Dark Sunrise" CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAX1025)
Braze feat. Brassmunk, Choclair & Saukrates "Supremacy" CD [$12] Sheik (SHK011)
Breakestra "The Live Mix Part 2" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2035)
Breakestra "Deuces Up, Double Down/Pt. Two/Humpty Dump/Funky Soul 16 Corners Medley" CDS [$7] Stones Throw (STH2039)
Breakestra "Dusk Till Dawn" CD [$15] Strut (48)
B-Real of Cypress Hill "The Gunslinger Part II: Fist Full of Dollars" CD [$12] (FITH1002)
B-Real of Cypress Hill "The Gunslinger III: For A Few Dollars More" CD [$12] Westcoast Madness (AH103)
B-Real (Cypress Hill) "Smoke And Mirrors" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2090)
B-Real (Cypress Hill) "The Harvest Vol. 1" CD [$17] (RBC94)
Brick Records X: A Decade of Independence - 2xCD [$13] Brick (BRK074)
Broken Bells (prod. Danger Mouse) "Broken Bells" CD [$12] Columbia (755865)
Bringing It Home, Vol. 1 - CD [$15] B.U.K.A. (LCH002)
Bronze Nazareth (Wu-Tang Clan) "The Great Migration" CD [$3] Think Differently/Babygrande (BBG8)
Bronze Nazareth (Wu-Tang Clan) "Wisemen Approaching" CD [$5] Babygrande (BBG304)
Bronze Nazareth (Wu-Elements) "The Unknown" CD [$15] Templar (TLG002)
Bronze Nazareth (Wu-Tang Clan) "Thought For Food Vol. 1 & 2" - 2xCD [$10] Babygrande (BYG0385)
Bronze Nazareth "Bronzestrumentals Vol. 1" 2xCD [$5] Babygrande (BBG449)
Bronze Nazareth "School For The Blindman" CD [$15] ihiphop (43)
Brooklyn Academy "Bored of Education" CD [$14] Gold Dust Media (GDM008)
Brother Ali "Shadows On The Sun" CD [$14] Rhymesayers (RS0034)
Brother Ali "Champion" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RS0049)
Brother Ali "The Undisputed Truth" CD [$14] Rhymesayers (RSE0080)
Brother Ali "The Truth Is Here" CD + DVD [$14] Rhymesayers (RSE0104)
Brother Ali "Us" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (RSE0113)
Brother Ali "Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (7015)
Brown Bag Allstars "Brown Bag Season Volume One + DJ Brace Remixes" 2xCD [$15] Nostomania
Buc Fifty "Serve The Devil, Praise The Lord" CD [$13] Battle Axe (BAX1033)
Buckshot "Buckshot Da BDI Thug" CD [$15] Duckdown (DDM2003)
Buckshot "The Common Knowledgy of the Entertainment Industry" CD + Book [$18] Duck Down (DDM2210)
Buck 65 "This Right Here Is Buck 65" CD [$15] V2 Records (27212)
Buck 65 "Situation" CD [$12] Strange Famous (11)
Buck 65 & Greetings From Tuskan "Bike For Three: More Heart Than Brains" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR93)
Bucwheed (formerly of Pharcyde) "Rethuglican" CD [$12] Delicious Vinyl (DV9022)
Buff 1 & DJ Rhettmatic "Crown Royale" CD [$5] A-Side Worldwide (ASW2006)
Building With Bricks Volume 2: The Definitive Brick Records Collection CD [$12] Brick (TEGBRK040)
Building With Bricks - Volume 3 - 2xCD [$13] Brick (BRK082)
Bully: Lunch Money Singles - CD [$13] Bully/Ninja Tune (FUCD001)
Bumps (Tortoise) "Bumps (Raw Drums Breaks Beats)" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2157)
Bumpy Knuckles & Statik Selektah "Ambition" CD [$12] Gracie (12)
Busdriver "Road Kill Overcoat" CD [$13] Epitaph (EPI86810)
Busdriver "Jhelli Beam" CD [$13] Anti/Epitaph (86956)
Busta Rhymes "Back On My B.S." (Deluxe Edition) CD + DVD [$17] Universal (12741)
Cadence & Dumi Right "Alternate Reality" CD [$12] pH Music/Pro Se (PHPS1106)
Cage "Movies For The Blind" CD [$13] Eastern Conference (TEG4514)
Cage "Hell's Winter" CD [$14] Definitive Jux (DJX123)
Cage "The Best And Worst of Cage" CD [$13] Good Hands/Eastern Confernece (TEG3316)
Cage "Depart From Me" CD [$14] Definitive Jux (DJX179)
Calicomm 2004 - CD + DVD [$15] Decon (DCN25)
California Funk: Rare Funk 45s from the Golden State - CD [$15] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5063)
Caligula "Divine Madness" CD [$12] Krycek (LRD2023)
Camp Lo "Black Hollywood" CD [$14] Good Hands (TEG2438)
Camp Lo "Stone And Rob: Caught On Tape" CD [$14] Soulfever (SFI9503)
Camp Lo "Another Heist" CD [$15] Soulfever (SFI9505)
Cam'ron vs. Prince "Purple Reign" CD [$5] Dipset
Camu Tao "King of Hearts" CD [$14] Definitive Jux/Fat Possum (1214)
Canibus "Can-I-Bus" CD [$10] Universal (53136)
Canibus "2000 B.C." CD [$14] Universal (012159054)
Canibus "C True Hollywood Stories" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG9013)
Canibus "Mind Control" CD [$15] Gladiator/Tommy Boy (GLO162)
Canibus "Mic Club: Mixtape Master Volume 1" CD [$3] Switchblade (SWB28)
Canibus "Hip Hop For Sale" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG9011)
Canibus & Phoenix Orion "Cloak N Dagga: Defcon Zero" CD + DVD [$15] Head Trauma/First Kut (8813)
Canibus "Melatonin Magik" CD [$17] War Lab (RBC81)
Canibus & Keith Murray (Undergods) "In Gods We Trust, Crush Microphones To Dust" CD [$17] (RBC226)
Cannibal Ox "The F Word/Remix/Life's Ill/Metal Gear" CDS [$10] Def Jux (DJX15)
Capital D & The Molemen "Writer's Block (The Movie)" CD [$14] All Natural (AN023)
Capital D (All Natural) "Insomnia" CD [$14] All Natural (AN33)
Capital D "Return of the Renegade" CD [$14] All Natural (AN50)
Capital D (All Natural) "Polymath" CD [$13] All Natural (AN57)
Capone "Da Streets Mixtape Volume 1" CD [$12] PTG Recordings (PTG456)
Capone "Pain, Time & Glory" CD [$15] Fastlife (FSL6)
Capone-N-Noreaga (CNN) "Channel 10" CD [$15] (SMC284)
Capone-N-Noreaga (CNN) "The War Report 2: Report The War" CD [$17] Ice H2O (642802)
Cappadonna "The Cappatilize Project" CD [$15] Park Hill (CAP2010)
Cappadonna "Slang Prostitution" CD [$15] Chambermusik
Cappadonna "The Pilgrimage" CD [$13] Fat Beats (FB5151)
Carlos Nino & Friends "High With A Little Help From" CD [$10] Plug Research (PLG96)
Carolina Funk "First In Funk 1968-1977" CD [$13] Jazzman/Now-Again (NA5036)
Casual "He Think He Raw" CD [$13] Hieroglyphics (230106)
Casual "Smash Rockwell" CD [$15] Hieroglyphics (230119)
Casual "He Still Think He Raw" CD [$12] Hieroglyphics
Casual & J. Rawls "Respect Game Or Expect Flames" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD152)
Cee-Lo "Cee-Lo Green Is The Soul Machine" CD [$10] Arista (52111)
Cee-Lo Green "The Lady Killer" CD [$17] Atlantic (525601)
Celph Titled & Buckwild "Nineteen Ninety Now" CD [$15] No Sleep (6)
Celph Titled & Buckwild "Nineteen Ninety More + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$17] No Sleep (NSR009)
Cesar Comanche (Justus League) "Wooden Nickles (Revisited)" CD [$15] Beathut (BEA0023)
Cesar Comanche "Squirrel And The Aces" CD [$15] D.O.T.F.W./ABB (ABB9010)
Cesar Comanche "Die In Your Lap" CD [$15] ABB Records (ABB9015)
Ceschi "The One Man Band Broke Up" CD [$12] Fake Four Inc (FFINC019)
CF (Constant Flow) "Storm Mode" CD [$10] Creative Juices
Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) "Fish Market" CD [$15] (CHF1001)
Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) "Fish Outta Water" CD [$15] Decon (DCN72)
Chali 2na (Jurassic 5) "Fish Market Part 2" CD [$12] Decon (DCN94)
Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf "Big Shots" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2077)
Chase Phoenix "Cut To The Chase" CD [$15] Underworld/Battleaxe (BAX9008)
Chaundon "No Excuses" CD [$15] (TEG45009)
Cherrywine "Bright Black" CD [$13] Babygrande/Dcide (70009)
Chicharones (Sleep & Josh Martinez) "Swine Country" CD [$10] Camobear (CAMO23)
Chief "Collabo Collection" CD [$12] Feelin Music (FLM00915)
Chief Kamachi "The Concrete Gospel" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG41)
Chief Kamachi "The Clock of Destiny" CD [$15] Noize Gallery (NGM898)
Chief Kamachi "Rise And Rhyme Vol. 1" CD [$12] Noize Gallery
Chill Rob G "Ride The Rhythm" CD [$12] Wild Pitch (54)
Chin Chin "Chin Chin" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX159)
Chin Chin "The Flashing, The Fancing" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX172)
Chino XL & Playalitical "Something Sacred" CD [$14] Illuminated (2985)
Chino XL "RICANstruction: The Black Rosary" 2xCD [$17] Viper (26)
Choclair "Flagship" CD [$10] Q & W Music (6121)
Chops (Mountain Brothers) "Virtuosity" CD [$15] Vocab/Goodvibe (VRGVR10001)
Chosen Few "New World Symphony" CD [$10] Clear Label (CL1032)
Chrome Children Vol. 2 - CD [$12] Stones Throw (STH2155)
Cilvaringz (Wu-Tang Clan) "I" CD+DVD [$18] Babygrande (BBG308)
Cimer Amor "Taking Nowhere, Somewhere" CD [$10] Coalmine
Circus vs. Andre Afram Asmar "Gawd Bless The Faceless Cowards" CD [$15] Mush (MH228)
Citizen Kane "Adult Section" CD [$13] Disc Sinthomme (DSIN1005)
Classified "Hand Shakes And Middle Fingers" CD [$14] Half Life/Decon (88697860612)
Clipse "Lord Willin" CD [$12] Arista (14735)
Clipse "Hell Hath No Fury" CD [$12] Star Trak/Arista (52119)
Clipse presents "Re-Up Gang" CD [$15] Koch (KOC5089)
Clipse "Til The Casket Drops" CD [$13] Star Trak/Columbia (21099)
CL Smooth "American Me" CD [$13] Shaman Work (SWR30)
CL Smooth "The Outsider" CD [$13] Blackheart/St. Nick (STN1334)
Clutchy Hopkins "The Storyteller" CD [$15] Ubiquity (11267)
Cocoa Brovaz "The Rude Awakening" CD [$15] Priority (50699)
Cold Heat "Life Behind Bars" CD [$10] Ground Original/Soulspazm
Cold Heat Vol. 1: Heavy Funk Rarities 1968-1974 CD [$15] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA7015)
Common "Can I Borrow A Dollar" CD [$15] Relativity (1084)
Common "Resurrection" (Deluxe Edition Box Set) 2xCD [$20] Get On Down (GET51266)
Common "One Day It'll All Make Sense" CD [$15] Relativity (1535)
Common "Like Water For Chocolate" CD [$15] MCA (088111970)
Common "The Electric Circus" CD [$15] MCA (113114)
Common "Be" CD [$15] Geffen (B0004672)
Common "Thisisme Then: The Best of Common" CD [$14] Legacy/Red Ink (19338)
Common "Finding Forever" CD [$14] Geffen (B0009382)
Common "Universal Mind Control" CD [$15] Geffen (B0011986)
Common "Go! Common Classics" CD [$14] Geffen (B0013622)
Common "The Dreamer / The Believer" CD [$17] Warner Bros (529038)
Common Grackle (Gregory Pepper & Factor) "The Great Depression" CD [$10] Fake Four Inc (FFIN020)
Connie Price & The Keystones "Wildflowers" CD [$15] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5014)
Connie Price & The Keystones "Tell Me Something (+ Instrumentals)" 2xCD [$17] Ubiquity (UR11217)
Consequence "Take Em To The Cleaners" CD [$15] Sure Shot (SSR9011)
Consequence "Don't Quit Your Day Job" CD [$13] G.O.O.D. Music (94805)
Constant Deviants "Amongst Friends" CD [$12] Six2Six Records
Convexed: A Nature Sounds Compilation CD [$12] Nature Sounds (NSD101)
Cook Classics "Recharged" CD [$15] (CKCL9)
Cool Kids "When Fish Ride Bicycles" CD [$12] C.A.K.E./Green Label Sound (15)
Constant Elevation CD [$15] Astralwerks (ASW12442)
Copperpot "Chapter 7" CD [$13] EV Productions (EVP011)
Copywrite "T.H.E High Exhaulted (8th Anniversary Edition)" CD [$15] Man Bites Dog (MBD030)
Copywrite "Cruise Control Vol. 1" CD [$14] O.D.O.T./Nature Sounds (NSD112)
Copywrite "The Life And Times of Peter Nelson" CD [$15] Man Bites Dog (MBD033)
Cormega & Lake "My Brother's Keeper" CD [$15] Fastlife (FSL68)
Cormega "Who Am I" CD + DVD [$15] Legal Hustle (LHU2)
Cormega "Raw Forever" 2xCD [$15] Aura Records (AUR9502)
Co$$ "Before I Awoke" CD [$15] Tres (TR396080)
Count Bass-D & Insight "The Risk Takers" CD [$17] Modulor (MOD035)
Coup "Kill My Landlord" CD [$13] Wild Pitch (59)
Coup "Genocide & Juice" CD [$13] Wild Pitch (52)
Coup "Steal This Double Album" 2xCD [$15] Foad (4600)
Coup "Party Music" CD [$14] 75 Ark (75050)
Coup "Pick A Bigger Weapon" CD [$14] Epitaph (86720)
Craig G & Will Pack "Silent Majority: Climate Control" CD [$13] Curry Pack (CPR1985)
Craig G & Marley Marl "Operation Take Back Hip-Hop" CD [$15] Good Hands (TEG2454)
C-Rayz Walz "Ravipops (The Substance)" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX65)
C-Rayz Walz "Year of the Beast" CD + DVD [$15] Definitive Jux (DJX114)
C-Rayz Walz & Sharkey "Monster Maker" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG315)
C-Rayz Walz "Who The F%@k Are You" CD [$15] Kings Links (KLR4004)
C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz "Freestyle vs. Written" CD [$15] Modular Moodz (41)
Critical & DJ Connect "Critical Surgery" CD [$10] Creative Juices
Crown City Rockers aka Mission "The Day After Forever" CD [$14] Gold Dust (GDM024)
CSC Funk Band "Things Are Getting Too Casual" CD [$13] Fat Beats (FB5145)
Cunninlynguists "Dirty Acres" CD [$15] Bad Taste (BTR115)
Cunninlynguists "Strange Journey Volume Two" CD [$15] A Piece of Strange (APOS002)
Cunninlynguists "Oneirology" CD [$13] (RBC222)
Curren$y "Pilot Talk II" CD [$13] DD172/Def Jam (402)
Curren$y "This Ain't No Mixtape" CD [$15] Amalgam Digital (90219)
Curren$y "Jet Files" CD [$15] Amalgam Digital (90230)
Curren$y "Weekend At Burnie's" CD [$12] Warner Bros (527406)
Currensy & The Jets "Jet Life: Jet World Order" CD [$15] ihiphop (70)
Cut Chemist "Bunky's Pick"/Madlib "6 Variations of In The Rain"/Billy Wooten "In The Rain" CDS [$6] Stones Throw (STH2037)
Cut Chemist "The Litmus Test" CD [$13] A Stable Sound (ASS001)
Cut Chemist "The Audience's Listening" CD [$14] Warner Bros (48559)
Cut Chemist "Sound of the Police" CD [$15] A Stable Sound (4)
CX Kidtronik "Krak Attack" CD [$13] Sound-Ink (SIK017)
Cypress Hill "Cypress Hill" CD [$10] Ruffhouse (47889)
Cypress Hill "Black Sunday" CD [$10] Ruffhouse (53931)
Cypress Hill "IV" CD [$10] Ruffhouse (69037)
Cypress Hill "Rise Up" CD [$15] Priority (626481)
Dabrye "Additional Productions Vol. 1" CD [$15] Ghostly (GI45)
Dabrye "Two/Three" CD [$15] Ghostly (GHI50)
Daedelus "Of Snowdonia" CD [$15] Plug Research (PR44)
Daedelus "Denies The Day's Demise" CD [$14] Mush (MH245)
Daedelus "Bespoke" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN169)
Dagha "The Divorce" CD [$3] Lewis (LEWIS032)
Daily Plannet "Team Daily" CD [$15] All Natural (AN30)
Dalek "From Filthy Tongue of Gods and Griots" CD [$15] Ipecac (IPC30)
Dalek "Absence" CD [$15] Ipecac (IPC056)
Dalek "Gutter Tactics" [$15] Ipecac (IPC109)
Dam-Funk "Toeachizown" 2xCD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2232)
Damu The Fudgemunk (Y-Society) "How It Should Sound Volume 1 & 2" CD [$12] Redefinition (RDF007)
Damu The Fudgemunk "Supply For Demand" CD [$13] Redefinition (RDF010)
Damu The Fudgemunk & Raw Poetic "Kilawatt V1.5" CD + 7" vinyl [$17] Redefinition (RDF013)
Damu The Fudgemunk "Redef Remixes + Instrumentals" CD [$10] Redefinition (RDF026)
Dana Dane "Dana Dane 4-Ever" CD [$10] Profile (1298)
Danger Mouse & Jemini "Ghetto Pop Life (New Version)" CD [$13] Lex (LEX010)
Danger Mouse & M.F. Doom "Danger Doom: The Mouse And The Mask" CD [$15] Epitaph (86775)
Danger Mouse "The Good, The Bad & The Queen" (album) CD [$13] Virgin (73067)
Dannu of Visionaries "Virgo Summer" CD [$15] Soulspazm (SS042)
Danny Brown "XXX" CD [$12] Fool's Gold (FGR005)
Dan The Automator "Wanna Buy A Monkey: A Mixtape Session" CD [$17] Sequence (SEQ8001)
Dan The Automator "2K7: The Tracks" CD [$15] Decon (DCN44)
Dan The Automator "2K7 Instrumentals" CD [$13] Decon (DCN45)
Dan The Automator & Russell Simins "Men Without Pants: Naturally" CD [$15] Expansion Team (ETR107)
Daptone Gold - CD [$12] Daptone (DAP018)
Darc Mind "Symptomatic of a Greater Ill" CD [$15] Anticon (ATC0063)
Dark Skinned Assassin aka Dr. Ama "Split Personali-D" CD [$15] Chambermusik (CHR3008)
Dark Time Sunshine (Onry Ozzborn & Zavala) "Vessel" [$12] Fake Four Inc (17)
Dark Time Sunshine (Onry Ozzborn & Zavala) "ANX" CD [$10] Fake Four (39)
Dave Dub "Treatment" CD [$12] Stones Throw (STH2289)
Dave Ghetto & Tha S Ence "Hustle Simmons" CD [$13] Break Bread (BBP252)
Das Efx "Dead Serious" CD [$15] EastWest (91827)
Das Efx "Hold It Down" CD [$15] EastWest (61829)
David Banner & 9th Wonder "Death of a Pop Star" CD [$17] E1 Music (EOM2130)
David Banner "Sex Drugs & Video Games" CD [$15] MTC (0185)
D-Block "We Are Still The Streets" CD [$14] 354 Entertainment (DBK4215)
D-Block "Peer Pressure" CD [$14] (DBK5510)
DCQ of Medina Green "New Music Mogul Vol. 1" CD [$5] Illson Media
Dead Prez "Let's Get Free" CD [$15] Loud (1867)
Dead Prez "RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta" CD [$10] Columbia (89050)
Dead Prez "M-1 Confidential" (DUALDISC) CD/DVD [$15] Koch (KOC5895)
Dead Prez & Outlawz "Can't Sell Dope Forever" CD [$13] Affluent (AFF1)
Dead Prez & Outlawz "Soldier 2 Soldier" CD [$15] Real Talk (RTE28)
Dead Prez & DJ Green Lantern "Pulse of the People: Turn Off The Radio Vol. 3" CD [$14] Invasion (IMG1011)
D'Angelo "Brown Sugar" CD [$10] EMI (32629)
D'Angelo "Voodoo" CD [$14] EMI (32629)
Dead Can't Bounce "I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost" CD [$3] Frek Sho/Goodbye (FSGBR001)
Declaime "Conversations With Dudley" CD [$15] Up Above (UPA1010)
Declaime "Fonk" CD [$15] Some Otha Ship Connect (5166)
Declaime "Self Study" CD [$15] Epistrophik Peach Sounds (EPS5229)
Decon presents "Never Not Fresh" CD [$10] Decon (DCN84)
Deep Concentration 4: Wreckin The Floor CD [$15] Om (OM140)
Deep Puddle Dynamics "The Taste of Rain...Why Kneel" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0009)
Defari "Odds & Evens" CD [$13] High Times (HTR111)
Defari "Street Music" CD [$15] ABB Records (ABB1077)
Def Jux Presents" CD [$12] Definitive Jux (DJX005)
Definitive Jux presents II CD [$15] Definitive Jux (DJX22)
Definitive Jux Presents 3 - CD + DVD [$15] Definitive Jux (DJX76)
Definitive Jux Presents IV - CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX184)
De La Soul "De La Soul Is Dead" [$15] Tommy Boy (TB1029)
De La Soul "Buhloone Mindstate" [$15] Tommy Boy (TB1063)
De La Soul "Stakes Is High" CD [$15] Tommy Boy (TB1149)
De La Soul "Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump" CD [$15] Tommy Boy (TB1361)
De La Soul "De La Mixtape: Remixes, Rarities & Classics" CD [$12] Rhino (78202)
De La Soul "The Grind Date" CD [$14] Sanctuary (87512)
De La Soul "The Impossible Mission (New Version)" CD [$15] Red Lion (ROAR501)
De La Soul presents "First Serve" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2280)
Delicious Vinyl "20 Years Fresh Mixtape" CD [$10] Delicious Vinyl (DV75459)
Del The Funky Homosapien "I Wish My Brother George Was Here" CD [$10] Elektra (61133)
Del The Funky Homosapien "No Need For Alarm" CD [$13] Elektra (61529)
Del The Funky Homosapien "The Elektra Years: B-Boy Handbook" CD [$13] Elektra (73940)
Del The Funky Homosapien "Both Sides of the Brain" CD [$15] Hieroglyphics (2301032)
Del The Funky Homosapien "Eleventh Hour" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX156)
Del The Funky Homosapien & Tame One "Parallel Uni-Verses" CD [$14] Gold Dust (GDM026)
Del The Funky Homosapien "Golden Era" 3xCD [$15] Council Partners (93031)
Del The Funky Homosapien & Parallel Thought "Attractive Sin" CD [$14] (PTL22-005)
Deltron 3030 "Deltron 3030 (New Version)" CD [$15] (TEG4509)
Denizen Kane "Tree City Legends" CD [$14] Galapagos4 (G40013)
Denizen Kane "Tree City Legends Vol. II: My Bootleg Life" CD [$14] Galapagos4 (G40035)
Destruments "Surpassing All Others" CD [$12] Creative Juices
Diamond And The Psychotic Neurotics "Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hop" CD [$10] Mercury (314513934)
Digable Planets "Reachin (A New Refutation of Time and Space)" CD [$12] Pendulum (27758)
Digable Planets "Blowout Comb" CD [$15] Pendulum (30654)
Digable Planets "Beyond The Spectrum: The Creamy Spy Chronicles" CD [$15] Blue Note (BTE12092)
Digital Underground "Sex Packets" CD [$14] Tommy Boy (TB1026)
Dilated Peoples "The Platform" CD [$15] Capitol (23310)
Dilated Peoples "Expansion Team" CD [$15] Capitol (31477)
Dilated Peoples "Neighborhood Watch" CD [$15] Capitol (40889)
Dilated Peoples "20/20" CD [$15] ABB/Capitol (11763)
Dilated Peoples "The Release Party" CD + DVD [$13] Decon (DCN54)
Dinner At The Thompson's "Off The Grid" CD [$13] Earth At Work (3219602)
Diplomats/Purple City "Road To The Riches" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG50)
Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy "Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury" CD [$15] 4th & Bway (162444043)
D.I.T.C. "Unreleased Production 1994" CD [$15] (DITC302)
D.I.T.C. Records "The Movement" CD [$14] (DITC304)
D.I.T.C. "Rare & Unreleased Volume 2" CD [$14] (DTC6742)
D.I.T.C. "Rare Breaks Stack Two" CD [$14] (DTC6743)
Dizzee Rascal "Boy In Da Corner" CD [$13] Matador (OLE600)
Dizzee Rascal "Maths + English" CD [$14] Definitive Jux (DJX160)
DJ Babu "Duck Season Vol. 1" CD [$15] Sequence (SEQ8002)
DJ Babu "Duck Season Vol. 2" CD [$15] Sequence (SEQ8016)
DJ Babu "The Beat Tape Vol. 1" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD130)
DJ Babu "Duck Season Vol. 3" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD140)
DJ Babu "The Beat Tape Vol. 2" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSR143)
DJ Babu "Konnichiwa Bitches" CD [$12] Mochilla (MOCD026)
DJ Brans "The Branstorm" CD [$15] Effiscienz
DJ Cam "Cruisin" CD [$15] Dirty South (DSR001)
DJ Center "Everything In Time" CD [$13] Push The Fader (PTF002)
DJ Cip One (Cannibal Ox) "Trifecta: Underground Exclusives" CD [$12]
DJ Cip One (Cannibal Ox) "Publicity" CD [$10]
DJ Deadeye "Substance Abuse" CD [$15] Brick (BRK105)
DJ Design (Foreign Legion) "Jetlag" CD [$14] Look Records (LKR020)
DJ Ese "Side: Two + Instrumentals" CD [$13] Embedded (BED017)
DJ E-Z Rock "Spittaz Volume 1" CD [$15] Poppyseed (137)
DJ Green Lantern "Liberty City Invasion" CD [$13] Rockstar/Future Green
DJ Haze "The Color Purple" CD [$5] Street Product/Modulor (SPE01)
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince "He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper" CD [$10] Jive (1091)
DJ Jazzy Jeff "The Magnificent" CD [$10] BBE/Rapster (RR008)
DJ Jazzy Jeff "The Return of the Magnificent" CD [$15] BBE/Rapster (RR0068)
DJ Jazzy Jeff "Hip Hop Forever Vol. 3" (Limited Edition) 2xCD [$15] BBE/Rapster (RR0065)
DJ JS-1 "Ground Original" CD [$15] Yosumi (YSJS007)
DJ JS-1 "Scratch Roulette 1 & 2" DVD-ROM [$23] Ground Original (JS001)
DJ JS-1 "Ground Original 2: No Sell Out" 2xCD [$5] Ground Original (JS014)
DJ JS-1 "No One Cares" 2xCD [$15] Ground Original (JS1GO3)
DJ Kayslay "More Than Just A DJ" CD [$15] Koch (5102)
DJ Krush "Milight" CD [$15] Mowax/FFRR (314540776)
DJ Krush "Zen" CD [$15] Sony/Red Ink (WK55707)
DJ Krush "Shinsou: The Message At The Depth" CD [$15] Sony/Red Ink (WK71052)
DJ Krush "Jaku" CD [$15] Sony/Red Ink (78102)
DJ Krush "Stepping Stones: The Self-Remixed Best" 2xCD [$15] Sony/Red Ink (82679)
DJ Low Cut "NY Minute" CD [$17] Rugged Records (RR01)
DJ Muggs & Planet Asia "Pain Language" CD [$14] Gold Dust Media (GDM012)
DJ Muggs vs. Ill Bill "Kill Devil Hills" CD [$15] Fat Beats (5133)
DJ Murge "Search And Rescue" CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAX1011)
DJ Neil Armstrong "Original" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "2original" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Sweeet" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Bittersweeet" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Smoove" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Nonstop (Original Live)" 2CD [$13] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Warmfuzzy" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Extraordinary" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Filthy" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Oscillate Wildly" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong feat. Daddy Dog & Doboy "The Certified Majestic Part Two: Return To D-Day" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Sweeet Part 2" CD [$10] 5th Platoon
DJ Neil Armstrong "Music For When Nobody's Looking" CD [$10]
DJ Neil Armstrong "Original - All Out King (Part 6)" CD [$10]
DJ Premier & Bumpy Knuckles "Kolexxxion" CD [$12] Gracie (41092)
DJ Rectangle "Ultimate Breaks Box Set" CD [$30] Battle Tech (BTP7042)
DJ Rels (Madlib) "Theme For A Broken Soul" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2087)
DJ Revolution "King of the Decks" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2085)
DJ Revolution "One Dub Plate At A Time" CD [$14] Soulspazm (SS0007)
DJ Revolution presents Malcolm & Martin "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" CD [$15] Soulspazm (SS044)
DJ Rhettmatic "Exclusive Collection" 2xCD [$15] Up Above (UPA1007)
DJ Riz "Live From Brooklyn Parts 1 + 2" 2xCD [$15] Five Day Weekend (FCWCC1)
DJ Shadow "Endtroducing" CD [$15] Mo Wax/FFRR (697124123)
DJ Shadow "Endtroducing + Excessive Ephemera" (DELUXE EDITION) 2xCD [$27] Island (B0004455)
DJ Shadow "Preemptive Strike" CD [$15] Mo Wax/FFRR (314540867)
DJ Shadow "The Private Press" CD [$15] MCA (088112937)
DJ Shadow "Outsider" CD [$15] Universal (B0007443)
DJ Shadow "In Los Angeles 10/31/09" CD [$13] Blunderbuss (BR001)
DJ Shadow "The Less You Know, The Better" CD [$15] Universal/Island (B0016088)
DJ Signify "Sleep No More" CD [$15] Lex Records (5240)
DJ Spinna "Here To There" CD [$17] BBE/Rapster (RR0012)
DJ Spinna "Compositions 1" CD [$10] Female Fun (FF000)
DJ Spinna "Compositions 2" CD [$10] Female Fun (FF02)
DJ Spinna "Compositions 3" CD [$10] Female Fun (FF011)
DJ Spinna "Sonic Smash" CD [$15] High Water Music (HWM008)
DJ Spinna "The Boogie Back: Post Disco Club Jams" 2xCD [$17] BBE (BBE142)
DJ Spinna "Underground Forever" CD [$15] Octave (OT2184)
DJ Spinna & BBE Soundsystem "Strange Games & Funky Things Volume 5" 2xCD [$17] (BBE157)
DJ Spooky "The Secret Song" CD + DVD [$15] Thirsty Ear (THI57191)
DJ Vadim "USSR Repertoire" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN25)
DJ Vadim "USSR Reconstruction" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN31)
DJ Vadim "USSR: Life From The Other Side" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN0044)
DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo & Blu Rum 13 (One Self) "Children of Possibility" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN94)
DJ Vadim "U Can't Lurn Imaginashun" CD [$14] K7 (7145)
D-Nice "Call Me D-Nice" CD [$17] Get On Down (51271)
Doap Nixon (Army of the Pharoahs) "Doap Traffiking" CD [$14] Nickel Bagz (NB001)
Doc Singe "Kiss of the Beast" CD [$17] Ascetic/Module (MOD038)
Doitall (Lords of the Underground) "American Du" CD [$15] Lord Gang (PRO140)
Domingo "The Most Underrated" CD [$12] Deranged/Latchkey (LKY100)
Dom Pachino (Killarmy) "The Best of Napalm Recordings" CD [$12] Napalm
Dom Pachino (Killarmy) "1st Blood" CD [$13] Napalm/Warface
Donnie "The Colored Section" CD [$15] Giant Step (GSTP7030)
Doodlebug feat. D.O.R. "Futuristic Sci-Fi (+ Bonus Mix disc)" 2xCD [$15] Soulspazm (SSD336)
Dooley-O "The Beat Segment" CD [$10] Female Fun/Domination
Dooley-O "I Gotcha" CD [$3] Lewis (LEWIS011)
Dr. Dre "2001" CD [$15] Aftermath (069490486)
Dr. Dre "A Chronic Tribute" CD [$13] Cleopatra (CLP1667)
Dreas "Long Days End" CD [$10] Heardrums (HD004)
Dr. Octagon "Dr. Octagonecologyst" CD [$15] Dreamworks (DRMD50021)
Dr. Octagon "Instrumentalyst" CD [$13] Dreamworks (DRMD50022)
Droppin Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab - CD [$13] Blue Note (92208)
D-Tension "Contacts + Contracts" CD [$15] Brick (LSR9211)
D-Tension "Instrumental Intercourse" CD [$13] Commonwealth (CWR11)
D-Tension "Contacts & Contracts II" 2xCD [$15] Brick (BRK065)
DTMD "Makin Dollars" CD [$13] Mello Music (MMG020)
Dublab presents "Echo Expansion" CD [$14] Porter (PR4033)
Dublab "Secondhand Sureshots" DVD + CD [$23] Stones Throw (STH2237)
Duck Down Music "15 Years" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2160)
Dudley Perkins "A Lil Light" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2067)
Dudley Perkins aka Declaime (prod. Madlib) "Expressions (2012 a.u.)" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2136)
Dudley Perkins aka Declaime "Holy Smokes" CD [$14] E1 Music (9760)
Duke Da God (Diplomats) "Harlem Classics" CD [$10] D Production (DP7008)
Duke Da God (Diplomats) "The D.I.P. Agenda" CD [$15] Distrolord (SMC466)
Dumhi "The Jungle" CD [$12] (DMH003)
Dumhi "The Whole World's Watching" CD [$12] (DMH004)
Dumi Right (Zimbabwe Legit) "Connect The Dots" CD [$12] pH Music
Dusty Fingers "The Mix" CD [$12] Rock N Soul (RSR01975)
Dutch (Liz Fullerton & Stoupe) "Bright Cold Day" CD [$13] Enemy Soil (1001)
Dwele "Subject" CD [$10] Virgin (80919)
Dwele "Some Kinda" CD [$15] Virgin (71410)
Dwele "Sketches of a Man" CD [$17] Koch (KOC5049)
Dwele "Wants World Women" CD [$15] E1 Music (5149)
Dwele "Greater Than One" CD [$17] RT Music/eOne (EOM2434)
Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio "Love Is The Answer" 2xCD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN108)
Dynamic Syncopation "Dynamism" CD [$12] Ninja Tune (ZENCD43)
Dynas "The Apartment" CD [$15] BBE (151)
"dynoSPECTRUM" CD [$15] Rhyme Sayers (RS2054-2)
Dysfunkshunal Familee "Family Reunion" CD [$12] Narcata (NARC001)
Earatik Statik "Feelin Eratik" CD [$12] Gravel (GVL006)
East Coast Avengers (Esoteric, Trademarc & DC The MIDI Alien) "Prison Planet" CD [$13] Brick (BRK090)
East Coast Avengers present DC The MIDI Alien "Avengers Airwaves" CD [$15] Brick (BRK103)
East Flatbush Project "First Born (Overdue)" Deluxe Edition CD [$14] 10/30 Uproar (SB2006)
Ebony Rhythm Band "Soul Heart Transplant: The LAMP Sessions" CD [$13] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5011)
Edan "Primitive Plus" CD [$5] Lewis (LEWIS001)
Edan "Beauty & The Beat" CD [$5] Lewis Recordings (LEWIS007)
Edan "Echo Party" CD [$5] Five Day Weekend (FDW7707)
Edan "Echo Party The Movie" DVD [$20] Five Day Weekend (FDW7708)
Edgar Allen Floe (Justus League) "Floe Almighty" CD [$10] Shaman Work (SWM005)
Edgar Allen Floe (Justus League) "Floe Almighty: The Remixture" CD [$13] (MCEO2001)
Edgar Allen Floe (Justus League) "The Streetwise" CD [$13] (MCE2002)
Ed O.G & Da Bulldogs "Acting" CD [$13] Solid (TEG4507)
Ed O.G "A Face In The Crowd" CD [$15] Envision (ENV5001)
E-Dot & Darpmalone "Hero" CD [$5] Thirsty Music
Effect (prod. D-Tension) "Fine Tuned Tantrum" CD [$13] Los Wunder Twins (LWR002)
Effect "Simply Dope" CD [$14] Los Wunder Twins (LWR004)
88-Keys "The Death of Adam" CD [$14] Decon (DCN66)
Electric (Company) "Life's A Struggle" CD [$12] Sun Moon (TEG2402)
Elephant Man "Higher Level" CD [$12] Greensleeves (GREL270)
Ellay Khule aka Rifleman "California" CD [$13] Project Blowed/Decon (DCN24)
El-P presents "Cannibal Oxstrumentals" CD [$15] Definitive Jux (DJX24)
El-P "Fan Dam Plus" (Instrumentals & Remixes) 2xCD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX39)
El-P "High Water" CD [$15] Thirsty Ear (THI57143)
El-P "Collecting The Kid" (instrumentals) CD [$15] Definitive Jux (DJX99)
El-P "I'll Sleep When You're Dead" CD [$15] Definitive Jux (DJX137)
El-P "Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx 3" CD [$15] Gold Dust (GDM031)
El-P "Cancer For Cure" CD [$15] Fat Possum (12702)
El Da Sensei "The Unusual" CD [$5] Fat Beats (6591235116)
El Da Sensei & The Returners "GT2: Nu World" CD [$12] Coalmine (CM028)
El Michels Affair "Enter The 37th Chamber" CD [$13] Fat Beats (FB5127)
El Michels Affair "Isaac Hayes: A Tribute To Black Moses" CD [$12] Truth & Soul (TS027)
Elusive "Hip Hop For Hipsters" CD [$5] Elusive
Elzhi (Slum Village) "Witness My Growth" 2xCD [$15] Fat Beats (6591233138)
Elzhi (Slum Village) "The Preface" CD [$14] Fat Beats (ELZ001)
Elzhi & Will Sessions "Elmatic" CD [$15] Jae.B Group
Embedded Joints - CD [$13] Embedded (BED009)
Embedded Studios presents "The Bedford Files" CD [$14] Embedded (BED004)
EMC (Masta Ace, Stricklin, Punchline & Wordsworth) "The Show" CD [$15] M3 (TEG2448)
Eminem "The Eminem Show" CD [$15] Interscope (93291)
Eminem "Encore" 2xCD [$15] Aftermath (B0003771)
Eminem "Relapse" CD [$14] Interscope (12863)
Eminem "Recovery" CD [$15] Aftermath (B0014411)
Empuls "The Very Best of" CD [$5] Man Bites Dog (MBD028)
Encore "Layover" CD [$15] Hieroglyphics (230112)
Endemic "Terminal Illness" CD [$3] No Cure/Money Maker (MME2012)
Envelope "Insignificant Anthems" CD [$10] Weightless
EPMD "Strictly Business" CD [$15] Priority (57135)
EPMD "Unfinished Business" CD [$15] Priority (57136)
EPMD "Business As Usual" CD [$10] Def Jam/RAL (314523510)
EPMD "We Mean Business" CD [$17] EP Records (1)
Eprhyme "Dopestylevsky" CD [$15] K Records (KLP230)
Equilibrium presents "Equilibrium" CD [$10] Wax Poetic (WP006)
Eric B. & Rakim "Follow The Leader" CD [$10] UNI/MCA (UNID3)
Eric B. & Rakim "Let The Rhythm Hit Em" CD [$10] MCA (6416)
Eric B. & Rakim "Don't Sweat The Technique" CD [$10] MCA (10594)
Erykah Badu "Worldwide Underground" CD [$13] Motown (7390)
Erykah Badu "Badu" CD [$8] Think Differently
Erykah Badu "New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)" CD [$14] Universal Motown (B0010800)
Erykah Badu "New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh" CD [$15] Universal Motown (B0014023)
Esoteric "Saving Seamus Ryan" CD + Book [$15] Fly Casual (FLY6705)
Esoteric "Fly Casualties" CD [$13] Fly Casual (FLY6706)
ESQ & Chikaramanga "The Succession" CD [$15] Tres (396075)
Eternia & MoSS "At Last" CD [$12] Fat Beats (FB5129)
Evidence (Dilated Peoples) "The Weatherman" CD [$14] ABB (ABB1089)
Evidence (Dilated Peoples) "Red Tape Instrumentals" CD [$13] Decon (DCN51)
Evidence (Dilated Peoples) "The Layover" CD + DVD [$12] Decon (DCN68)
Evidence "Purple Tape Instrumentals" CD [$13] Dirt Class (DCR5004)
Evidence "Cats & Dogs" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (RS0144)
Exile of Emanon "Dirty Science" CD [$13] Sound In Color (SIC013)
Exile "Radio" CD [$15] Plug Research (PLG93)
Exile "AM/FM" CD [$15] (TEG10102)
Exile "4 Trk Mind" CD [$15] Soulspazm (SSD184)
Eyedea & Abilities "First Born" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (RS8787)
Eyedea & Abilities "E & A" CD [$13] Rhymesayers/Epitaph (86710)
Eyedea presents Face Candy "This Is Where We Were" CD [$12] Rhymesayers (0079)
Eyedea & Abilities "By The Throat" CD [$14] Rhymesayers (RSE111)
Eyedea presents Face Candy "Waste Age Teen Land" CD + DVD [$14] Rhymesayers (70134)
Fabio Musta "Passport" CD [$5] Babygrande (BYG0437)
Factor "13 Stories (A Prelude)" CD [$10] Ooohh That's Heavy/Side Road
Factor "Lawson Graham" CD [$12] Fake Four (FFINC018)
Fakts One (Perceptionists) "Long Range" CD [$14] Greenstreets (GSE717)
Family Tree "Planting Seeds" CD [$14] All Natural
Family Tree "Tree House Rock" CD [$13] All Natural (AN026)
Fashawn "Boy Meets World" CD + DVD [$15] One Records (ONE0020)
Fat Beats Compilation Volume Two CD [$5] Fat Beats (6591235002)
Fat Beats Compilation Volume Three CD [$5] Fat Beats (6591235108)
Fat Joe "All Or Nothing" CD [$15] Atlantic (83749)
Fat Jon The Ample Soul Physician "Afterthought" CD [$13] Libyus Music (LMCD005)
Fat Jon & Styrofoam "The Same Channel" CD [$15] Morr Music (MMU71)
Fatlip (formerly of Pharcyde) "The Loneliest Punk" CD + DVD [$15] Delicious Vinyl (DV9025)
Fes Taylor "Welcome To Goonsville" CD [$14] Chambermusik (CM0130)
Fes Taylor "The Breaking Point" CD [$13] Chambermusik (CM0158)
Fes Taylor "Pay Me In Respect" CD [$15] Chambermusik (CM0166)
50 Cent "Get Rich or Die Tryin" CD [$13] Interscope (493544)
50 Cent "Curtis" CD [$13] Shady/Aftermath (B0008931)
50 Cent "Before I Self Destruct" CD + DVD [$14] Aftermath (B0012393)
Finale "A Pipe Dream And A Promise" CD [$13] Interdependent (IM109)
Five Deez "Kinkynasti" CD [$13] (K7151)
Five Deez "Kommunicator" CD [$13] Rapster (RR0053)
Five Deez "Slow Children Playing" CD [$13] Ample Soul (AS036)
Five Deez "Table Noise Vol. 1-3" CD [$15] Scratch N Mixxx (TEG2422)
Flo Brown "Whateva Comes to Mind" CD [$10]
Floetry "Floetic" CD [$15] Dreamworks (50313)
Floyd The Locsmif "Divine Dezignz #1: Discovery" CD [$8] In The Loop
Flying Lotus "Los Angeles" CD [$15] Warp (WARP165)
Flying Lotus "Cosmogramma" CD [$15] Warp (195)
Fog "Fog" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN62)
Fog "Ether Teeth" CD [$13] Ninja Tune (NJT77)
Fog "Hummer" CD [$10] Ninja Tune (ZEN152)
Foreign Exchange "Connected (+ Remixes & Instrumentals)" 2xCD [$17] (FECD001)
Foreign Exchange (Phonte of Little Brother & Nicolay) "Leave It All Behind + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$15] Hall of Justus (HBDFE2)
Foreign Exchange (Phonte & Nicolay) "Authenticity" CD [$13] FE Music (HBDFE3)
Foreign Legion "Playtight" CD [$13] Look Records (LKR003)
Foreign Legion "Night Moves" CD [$13] Hunger Strike
14KT (Athletic Mic League) "A Friendly Game of KT" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG024)
Four Tet "Everything Ecstatic Part II" CD + DVD [$13] Domino (DNO079)
Four Zone "My Turn" CD [$12] Spytech (SPY012)
Frank N Dank "Xtended Play" CD+DVD [$15] Chisel Sound (JJR1008)
Frank N Dank feat. Jay Dee "European Vacation" CD + DVD [$15] Fo Da Rekkas/Needillworks (FDR80019)
Frank Nitt (Frank N Dank) "Jewels In My Backpack" CD [$12] Delicious Vinyl (DV61006)
Frank Nitt "Stadium Music / The View From The Underground" CD [$18] DigiPop (DIGIP001)
Freddie Foxxx aka Bumpy Knuckles "Konexion" CD [$15] BBE/Rapster (RR0014)
Freddie Gibbs "Str8 Killa" CD [$8] Decon (DCN98)
Freebass 808 (Geechie Suede & Apple Juice Kid) "Liquid Love Stardust" CD [$15] Money Ball (MBR001)
Freestyle (Arsonists) "Etched In Stone" CD [$14] Battle Axe (BAX1032)
Freestyle Fellowship "Innercity Griots" CD [$10] 4th & Bway (162444050)
Freestyle Fellowship "The Promise" CD [$13] Decon (DCN121)
Freestyle Professors "Gryme Tyme" CD [$15] Freestyle Recordings (FF7789)
Freeway "Philadelphia Freeway" CD [$15] Roc-A-Fella (314586920)
Freeway presents Ice City "Welcome To The Hood" CD [$13] Sure Shot (SSR9013)
Freeway & Jake One "The Stimulus Package" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (70117)
Fresh Daily "The Gorgeous Killer: In Crimes of Passion" CD [$13] High Water Music (HWM010)
Fugees "Blunted On Reality" CD [$12] Columbia (57462)
Fugees "The Score" CD [$12] Columbia (67147)
Funky DL "The Interview" CD [$15] BBE (133)
Funky 16 Corners CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2038)
Gab Gotcha "Timeless" CD [$10] Wu Music Group (6360)
Gang Starr "No More Mr. Nice Guy" CD [$12] Wild Pitch (64)
Gang Starr "Step In The Arena" CD [$12] Chrysalis (21798)
Gang Starr "Daily Operation" CD [$12] Chrysalis (21910)
Gang Starr "Hard To Earn" CD [$12] Chrysalis (28435)
Gang Starr "Moment of Truth" CD [$15] Virgin (45585)
Gang Starr "Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr" 2CD [$22] Virgin (47279)
Gang Starr "The Ownerz" CD [$17] Virgin (80247)
Gang Starr presents Big Shug "Who's Hard" CD + DVD [$15] Sure Shot (SSR9020)
Gang Starr "Mass Appeal: The Best of Gang Starr" (Deluxe Edition) CD + DVD [$23] Virgin (98496)
Gang Starr presents Big Shug "Street Champ" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG317)
Galt MacDermot "Up From The Basement: Unreleased Tracks Volumes 1 & 2" CD [$15] Kilmarnock (KIL2002)
Galt MacDermot "In Film 1969-1973" CD [$13] Kilmarnock (KIL20041)
Game "The Documentary" CD [$13] Interscope (B0003562)
Game "Doctor's Advocate" CD [$14] Geffen (B0007933)
Game "The R.E.D. Album" CD [$15] Aftermath (B0013729)
Gary Wilson "Mary Had Brown Hair" CD [$13] Stones Throw (STH2095)
Gensu Dean "Lo-Fi Fingahz" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG023)
Genius/GZA "Liquid Swords" CD [$15] Geffen (24813)
Genius/GZA "Beneath The Surface" CD [$15] MCA (11969)
Genius/GZA "Legend of the Liquid Sword" CD [$15] MCA (113083)
GZA/Genius "Pro Tools" CD [$15] Babygrande (BYG0372)
GZA/Genius "Pro Tools (INSTRUMENTAL)" CD [$5] Babygrande (BBG390)
Genius/GZA "Liquid Swords" (THE CHESS BOX) 2xCD [$25] Get On Down (54043)
Ge-ology "Ge-ology Plays Ge-ology" CD [$13] Female Fun (FEM12)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "Worthnothings" CD [$7] Stones Throw (STH2135)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "Olesi: Fragments of an Earth" CD [$13] Stones Throw (STH2145)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "Pattie Blingh and the Akebulan Five: Sagala" CD [$13] Ramp (RAMP009)
Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins "G & D: The Message Uni Versa" CD [$13] Look/Defend (DFN80029)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "Eagle Nebula: Cosmic Headphones" CD [$10] Epistrophik Peach (EP003)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "Ms. One" CD [$14] E1 Music (9574)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "Umsindo" CD [$14] E1 Music (9757)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "Early" CD [$13] animatedcartunes (ACT001)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "Kings Ballad" CD [$15] Ubiquity (11264)
Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins "Some Otha Ship" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG006)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "The Jyoti-Ocotea Album" CD [$14] E1 Music (EMC5165)
Georgia Anne Muldrow "Owed To Mama Rickie" CD [$15] Animated Cartunes (ACT003)
Georgia Anne Muldrow & Madlib "Seeds" CD [$15] SomeOthaShip/Epistrophik (EPS5563)
Geto Boys "We Can't Be Stopped" CD [$15] Rap-A-Lot (41992)
Ghostface Killah "Ironman" CD [$12] Razor Sharp/Epic (67955)
Ghostface Killah "Supreme Clientele" CD [$12] Razor Sharp/Epic (69325)
Ghostface Killah "Bulletproof Wallets" CD [$17] Epic (61589)
Ghostface Killah "The Pretty Toney Album" CD [$13] Def Jam (B0002169)
Ghostface Killah "The Pretty Tony Collection" 2xCD [$10] Think Differently
Ghostface Killah, Trife & Theodore Unit "Put It On The Line" CD + DVD [$13] Starks/Full Clip (FCM6001)
Ghostface Killah "Fishscale" CD [$14] Def Jam (B0006155)
Ghostface Killah "Live In New York City" CD [$13] Starks Enterprise (FCM6005)
Ghostface Killah "More Fish" CD [$13] Def Jam (B0008165)
Ghostface Killah "Hidden Darts: Special Edition" CD [$13] Starks (FCM6007)
Ghostface Killah "The Big Doe Rehab" CD [$13] Def Jam (B0009499)
Ghostface Killah "The Wallabee Champ" CD [$13] Full Clip (FCM6010)
Ghostface Killah "Ghostdeini The Great" CD + DVD [$15] Def Jam (B0012442)
Ghostface Killah "Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry" CD [$15] Def Jam (B0013396)
Ghostface Killah "Apollo Kids" CD [$14] Def Jam (B0015081)
Giant Panda "Fly School Reunion" CD [$13] Tres Records (TRCD002)
Giant Panda "Electric Laser" CD [$13] Tres Records (TR396040)
Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) "4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up" CD [$13] Quannum/Epitaph (80701)
Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) "Escape 2 Mars" CD [$15] Cornerstone R.A.S. (71130)
Glue (AdeeM, Maker & DJDQ) "Catch As Catch Can + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$13] Fat Beats (6591235119)
GM Grimm as Superstar Jet Jaguar "Digital Tears: E-Mails From Purgatory" CD [$15] Day By Day (DBD022)
Gnarls Barkley (Danger Mouse & Cee-Lo) "St. Elsewhere" CD [$15] Downtown/Atlantic (70003)
Gnarls Barkley (Danger Mouse & Cee-Lo) "The Odd Couple" CD [$15] Downtown/Atlantic (450236)
Goapele "Even Closer" CD [$15] Skyblaze (230108)
GOD from Infamous Mobb "GOD Part III" CD [$17] Modulor (MOD037)
Godfather Don "Diabolique + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$17] Hydra (HYD831)
Godfather Don "Donnie Brasco" CD [$17] Hydra (HYD830)
Godfather Don "Properties of Steel: The Hydra Records Singles" CD [$17] Hydra (HYD832)
Gon "Consider Violence" CD [$13] Urchin Studios
Goodie Mob "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" CD + DVD [$15] Koch (KOC8040)
Gorillaz "G Sides" CD [$15] Virgin (11967)
Gorillaz "Plastic Beach" (Experience Edition) CD + DVD [$25] Virgin (627548)
Gorillaz "The Fall" CD [$15] Virgin (97588)
Govna Mattic "Ill At Will Vol. 3" (New Version) CD [$5] Brick Mob
Grand Daddy I.U. "Stick To The Script" CD [$13] Steady Flow (SF0200)
Grandmaster Flash "The Bridge: Concept of a Culture" CD [$15] Strut (STRUT39)
Grand Puba "2000" (Extended Version) CD [$13] (TEG75514)
Grand Puba "Retroactive" CD [$5] Babygrande (BBG442)
Gravediggaz "6 Feet Deep" CD [$12] Gee Street (32505)
Gravediggaz "The Pick, The Sickle And The Shovel" CD [$12] Gee Street (32501)
Grayskul (Onry Ozzborn & JFK) "Bloody Radio" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RS0086)
Greyboy "Soul Mosaic" CD [$15] Ubiquity (UBR11144)
Grieves "88 Keys & Counting" CD [$12] Rhymesayers (RS0118)
Grieves "Together/Apart" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (70138)
Grim Team "Once Upon A Time In America" CD [$8] (TSC001)
Grip Grand "Brokelore" CD [$13] Look Records (LKR014)
Grit City Volume One - CD [$12] Grit (GRI005)
Grouch "Three Eyes Off The Time" CD [$20] Legendary (IDC0371)
Grouch & Eligh "Say G&E" CD [$15] Legendary (LGM50027)
Group Home "Livin Proof" CD [$15] Payday/FFRR (697124079)
Group Home presents Lil Dap "I.A. Dap" CD [$10] Babygrande (BYG0365)
Group Home "Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal" CD [$5] ihiphop (29)
Guilty Simpson "Ode To The Ghetto" CD [$13] Stones Throw (STH2180)
Guilty Simpson & Madlib "OJ Simpson" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH7224)
G-Unit "Beg For Mercy" CD [$13] Interscope (B0001594)
Guru "Jazzmatazz Volume 1" CD [$12] Chrysalis (21998)
Guru "Jazzmatazz Volume II: The New Reality" CD [$12] Chrysalis (34290)
Guru "Jazzmatazz Vol. 4: The Hip Hop Messenger" CD [$14] 7 Grand (7GR25)
Guru's Jazzmatazz "The Timebomb: Back To The Future" CD [$12] 7 Grand
Guru "8.0 Lost And Found" CD [$14] 7 Grand (30)
Haiku D'Etat (Aceyalone, Abstract Rude & Mikah 9) "Haiku D'Etat" CD [$12] Project Blowed/Decon (DC016)
Haiku D'Etat (Aceyalone, Abstract Rude & Mikah 9) "Coup De Theatre" CD + DVD [$12] Project Blowed/Decon (DC013)
Hall of Justus (Justus League) "Soldiers of Fortune" CD [$13] ABB (ABB1081)
Handsome Boy Modeling School (Dan The Automator & Prince Paul) "So...How's Your Girl?" CD [$15] Tommy Boy (TB1258)
Handsome Boy Modeling School (Dan The Automator & Prince Paul) "White People" CD [$15] Elektra (62941)
Handsome Boy Modeling School (Dan The Automator & Prince Paul) "White People" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$15] Elektra (62988)
Hangar 18 "The Multi-Platinum Debut Album" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX88)
Hangar 18 "Sweep The Leg" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX152)
Hard 2 Obtain "Ism And Blues" CD [$13] Traffic (TEG75513)
Harmonic 33 "Music For Film, Television & Radio Volume One" CD [$15] Warp (WARP127)
Harmonic 313 "When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence" CD [$15] Warp (WARP175)
Has-Lo "In Case I Don't Make It" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG016)
Has-Lo "Conversation B" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG016)
Hassan Mackey & Apollo Brown "Daily Bread" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG019)
Havoc of Mobb Deep "The Kush" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD133)
Havoc of Mobb Deep "Havoc: Hidden Files" CD [$15] Koch (KOC5567)
Haze Brothers (DJ Tahleim & Marlon B) "Put It In The Air" CD [$5]
Headnodic "Red Line Radio" CD [$17] Brick (BRK104)
Heiruspecs "A Tiger Dancing" CD [$10] Razor & Tie (7930182915)
Heliocentrics feat. Malcolm Catto "Out There" CD [$13] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5031)
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man) "Black Presidents Mixtape Vol. 1" CD [$10]
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man) "My Life: Heaven And Hell" CD [$10]
Hell Razah "Rapid Refund Mixtape" CD [$10] New Kemit/Maccabees Intl
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man) "The Renaissance Child" CD [$14] Nature Sounds (NSD128)
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man) "Digital Dope Music: Dosage One" CD [$8]
Hell Razah & Shabazz The Disciple "T.H.U.G. Angelz: Welcome To Red Hook Houses" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG355)
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man) "When All Hell Breaks Loose" CD [$12] (CM0092)
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man) "Hell Hop Volume One" CD [$12] (CM0093)
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man) "Hell Hop Volume Two" CD [$12] (CM0094)
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man) "Ultra Sounds of a Renaissance Child" CD [$15] (HRM1240)
Hell Razah (Sunz of Man) "Heaven Razah" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD144)
Hell Rell "New Gun In Town" CD [$12] Diplomats (DPL4003)
Hellsent of Outerlimitz "Rainwater" CD [$12] Galapagos4 (G40039)
Hellsent "False Profit" CD [$15] Galapagos4 (G40049)
Heltah Skeltah "Nocturnal" CD [$15] Priority (50532)
Heltah Skeltah "D.I.R.T. (Da Incredible Rap Team)" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2080)
Herbaliser "Something Wicked This Way Comes" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN64)
Herbaliser "Take London" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN998)
Herbaliser "Same As It Never Was" CD [$13] Studio K7
Herbliaser "Herbal Tonic (Best Of)" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN158)
Hezekiah "Conscious Porn" CD [$5] Soulspazm (SS042)
Hieroglyphics "Full Circle" CD [$15] Hieroglyphics (230109)
Hieroglyphics "Over Time" CD [$10] Hieroglyphics (230126)
High & Mighty present "Eastern Conference All Stars II" CD [$13] Eastern Conference (ECR1022)
High & Mighty "Air Force 1" CD [$10] Eastern Conference (LSR9208)
Hi-Tek "Hi-Teknology Vol. 2: The Chip" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG302)
Hi-Tek "Hi-Tekonology 3: Underground" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG332)
Hit Squad "Zero Tolerance" CD [$13] Nervous (NE20550)
HMD "One Pursuit" CD [$12] Philasofikal
Holocaust & American Poets 2099 "Theatre of Pain" CD [$17] Chambermusik
Holocaust & American Poets 2099 "American Poets 2099" CD [$13] Yallopin (CM0123)
Homeboy Sandman "First of a Living Breed" CD [$14] Stones Throw (STH7230)
Hostyle (Screwball) "One Eyed Maniac" CD [$13] Hydra (HYD815)
House Shoes "Let It Go + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$17] Tres (TR396-084)
Ice Cube "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted + Kill At Will" CD [$15] Priority (37601)
Ice Cube "Death Certificate" CD [$15] Priority (43341)
Icon The Mic King & Chum "Flavor Ade" CD [$12] Fake Four (13)
IDE & DJ Connect "Table of Content" CD [$10] Creative Juices (CJM04)
IDE "Instrumentals Vol. 1" CD [$12] Creative Juices (CJM06)
IDE & Skavenger "Addicted To The Vision" CD [$12] Creative Juices
IDE & DJ Connect "Ideology" CD [$12] Creative Juices
IDE & Alucard "For Fuck Sake" CD [$12] Creative Juices
Illa J (prod. Jay Dee) "Yancey Boys" CD [$15] Delicious Vinyl (DV9045)
Ill Bill (Non Phixion) "The Hour of Reprisal" CD + DVD [$14] Fat Beats (FB5124)
Ill Bill & Vinnie Paz "Heavy Metal Kings" CD [$15] Enemy Soil (ES1101)
Illogic "Write To Death II: The Missing Pieces" CD [$15] Dove Ink (DI005)
Illmind "Behind The Curtain" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD147)
Illvibe Collective "All Together Now" CD [$15] Soulspazm (SSD175)
Immortal Technique "Revolutionary Vol. 1" CD [$15] (FC1807)
Immortal Technique "Revolutionary Vol. 2" CD [$15] Viper
Immortal Technique & Poison Pen "Pick Your Poison: The Mark of the East" CD [$5] (SCME09)
Immortal Technique & DJ Green Lantern "The 3rd World" CD [$15] Viper (8)
Infinito "Music With Sound Right Reasoning" CD [$12] Birthwrite
Infinito "The Soul of Benjamin Banneker" CD [$13] Raptivism (RPV40)
Insight "The Maysun Project" CD [$14] Nocturne (OT935)
Insight "The Blast Radius" CD [$15] Brick (TEGBRK042)
Insight & Damu The Fudgemunk (Y-Society) "Travel At Your Own Pace" CD [$13] Tres (TR396030)
Inspectah Deck "Uncontrolled Substance" CD [$15] Loud (1865)
Inspectah Deck "The Movement" CD [$17] Koch (KOC8660)
Inspectah Deck "The Resident Patient" CD [$15] Urban Icon (TEG2425)
Inspectak Deck presents Fes Taylor "Flight 10304 (T-2 Fly)" CD [$15] Chambermusik (CHR3007)
Inspectah Deck "Manifesto" CD [$15] Urban Icons (UIR1661)
Inspectah Deck "Manifesto Redux" CD [$15] (TEG61681)
Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy Khadafi) "Saga of a Hoodlum" 2xCD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD129)
Iomos Marad "Deep Rooted" CD [$14] All Natural (AN028)
Iomos Marad "Go Head" CD [$13] All Natural (AN49)
Iron Lyon "From The Ground Up" CD [$10] (IL103)
Iron Solomon "Monster" CD [$15] Royal/3D/Duck Down (DDM2240)
I Self Devine (Micranots) "Self Destruction" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RHY66)
I Self Devine "The Sound of Low Class Amerika" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (RSE0151)
Jadakiss "Kiss of Death" CD [$15] Interscope (274602)
Jahson "The Resistance" CD [$13] Mission Control (MC0733)
Jake One "White Van Music + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$15] Rhymesayers (RSE0100)
Jakki Tha Motamouth (MHz/Weathermen) "God vs. Satan" CD [$15] NCS Records (NCS3006)
James Pants "Welcome" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2168)
James Pants "Seven Seals" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2218)
James Pants "James Pants" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2262)
Jay Dee "Welcome 2 Detroit" CD [$15] BBE (BBEBG001)
Jay Dee aka J. Dilla "Donuts" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2126)
Jay Dee aka J. Dilla "The Shining" CD [$15] BBE (BBE76)
Jay Dee aka J. Dilla "The Shining" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$13] BBE (BBE77)
Jay Dee aka J. Dilla "Ruff Draft (New Version)" 2xCD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2153)
Jay Dee "The Delicious Vinyl Years: Originals, Remixes & Rarities (+ Instrumentals)" 2xCD [$10] Delicious Vinyl (DV9033)
Jay Dee "Yancey Boys Instrumentals" CD [$14] Delicious Vinyl (DV9047)
Jay Dee aka J. Dilla "Dillanthology Vol. 1" CD [$14] (K788)
Jay Dee aka J. Dilla "Dillanthology Vol. 2" CD [$14] Rapster (RR0084)
Jay Dee aka J. Dilla "Jay Stay Paid" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD142)
Jay Dee aka J. Dilla "Dillanthology Vol. 3" CD [$15] Rapster (RR0086)
Jay Dee aka J. Dilla "Dillanthology: Dilla's Best" (BOX SET) 3xCD [$25] Rapster (RR0087)
J Dilla "Rebirth of Detroit" CD [$17] Ruff Draft (RDR002)
Jaylib (Jay Dee & Madlib) "Champion Sound (Deluxe Edition)" 2xCD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2162)
Jaysaun & DJ Revolution "Game of Breath" CD [$14] Brain On Drugz (JAY1307)
Jay-Z "Reasonable Doubt (10th Anniversary)" CD [$15] Roc-A-Fella (50040)
Jay-Z "The Blueprint" CD [$15] Roc-A-Fella (314586396)
Jay-Z & R. Kelly "The Best of Both Worlds" CD [$13] Def Jam (314586783)
Jay-Z "The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse" 2xCD [$15] Roc-A-Fella (63381)
Jay-Z "The Black Album" CD [$15] Roc-A-Fella (B0001528)
Jay-Z "The Black Album (ACAPELLA)" CD [$15] Roc-A-Fella (B0002482)
Jay-Z "Kingdom Come" (Deluxe Edition) CD + DVD [$18] Def Jam (B0008047)
Jay-Z "American Gangster" CD [$15] Roc-A-Fella (B0010229)
Jay-Z "The Blueprint 3" CD [$17] Roc Nation (520856)
Jay-Z "The Hits Collection Volume One" (Deluxe Edition) 2xCD [$20] Def Jam/Roc Nation (1427772)
Jay-Z & Kanye West "Watch The Throne" (Deluxe Edition) CD [$18] Def Jam (595802)
Jazzyfatnastees "The Tortoise & The Hare" CD [$12] Cool Hunter (10001)
J-Boogie's Dubtronic Science - CD [$15] Om Records (OM131)
J Boogie's Dubtronic Science "Undercover" CD [$15] Om Records
Jean Grae "The Bootleg Of The Bootleg" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG13)
Jean Grae "This Week" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG34)
Jean Grae "The Orchestral Files (Deluxe Edition)" CD [$5] Babygrande (BYG0358)
Jean Grae & 9th Wonder "Jeanius" CD [$14] Blacksmith (29585)
Jedi Mind Tricks "The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, and Electro-Magnetic Manipulation of Human Consciousness" CD [$17] Babygrande (BBG001)
Jedi Mind Tricks "Visions of Gandhi" CD [$17] Babygrande (BBG006)
Jedi Mind Tricks presents "Outerspace (Illegalienz)" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG21)
Jedi Mind Tricks presents "Army of the Pharoahs: The Torture Papers" CD [$14] Babygrande (BBG92)
Jedi Mind Tricks "Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell" CD [$18] Babygrande (BBG1002)
Jedi Mind Tricks presents Army of the Pharaohs "Ritual of Battle" CD [$14] Babygrande (BBG324)
Jedi Mind Tricks presents "Doap Nixon: Sour Diesel" CD [$15] Babygrande (BYG0368)
Jedi Mind Tricks presents King Syze "Syzemology" CD [$10] Babygrande (BYG0374)
Jedi Mind Tricks presents "Outerspace: God's Fury" CD [$15] Babygrande (BYG0384)
Jedi Mind Tricks "A History of Violence" CD [$17] Babygrande (BYG0388)
Jedi Mind Tricks "Divine Fire: The Story of" DVD + CD [$17] Gadfly/Babygrande (GADDV6)
Jedi Mind Tricks "Stoupe: Decalogue" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG394)
Jedi Mind Tricks "Greatest Features" 2xCD [$15] Babygrande (BBG445)
Jedi Mind Tricks presents "Army of the Pharaohs: The Unholy Terror" CD [$15] Enemy Soil/Babygrande (IHI23)
Jedi Mind Tricks "Violence Begets Violence" CD [$15] Enemy Soil (1103)
Jel "10 Seconds" CD [$13] Mush (MH208)
Jel "Soft Money" CD [$13] Anticon (ABR0056)
Jeru The Damaja "The Sun Rises In The East" CD [$13] Payday/FFRR (124011)
Jeru The Damaja "Wrath of the Math" CD [$15] London (697124119)
Jeru The Damaja "Heroz 4 Hire" CD [$15] Knowsavage (KSR10064)
Jeru The Damaja "Still Rising" CD [$5] Ashenafi (ASHN004)
J. Force "Cadillac Respect" CD [$8]
Jill Scott "Who Is Jill Scott: Words And Sounds Vol. 1" CD [$15] Hidden Beach/Epic (62137)
Jimmy Powers "Califoreigner" CD [$10] 2012 Dynasty (DYN001)
Jise of Arsonists "Chronicles 2" CD [$12] Creative Juices (CJM07)
J.J. Brown "Connect The Dots" CD [$14] Well Done (WDE003)
J-Live "The Hear After" CD [$15] Penalty (PEN7004)
J-Live "Then What Happened" CD [$14] Triple Threat/BBE (BBE065)
J-Live "S.P.T.A. (Said Person of That Ability) + Undivided Attention" 2xCD [$15] Triple Threat (3TP004)
J-Love "Egotistical Maniac" 2xCD [$13] Chambermusik (CM0157)
J-Love "Most Interesting Man Alive" CD [$15] Chambermusik (1702)
Joe Budden "Mood Muzik 3: The Album" CD [$12] Amalgam Digital (ADIG08001)
Joe Budden "Padded Room" CD [$13] Amalgam (AMAL08002)
Joe Budden "Escape Route" CD [$15] Koch/E1 (KOC5133)
Joell Ortiz "The Brick: Bodega Chronicles" CD [$17] Koch (5529)
Joell Ortiz "Free Agent" CD [$17] E1 Music (2012)
Joey Chavez "Music Minus One: Instrumental Anthology" CD [$12] Dirt Class
Joey Chavez & Bravo (Sid Roams) "Strictly Nstrmntl" CD [$12] Dirt Class (SRMD07)
John Legend "Get Lifted" CD [$15] Columbia (92776)
John Legend & The Roots "Wake Up" CD [$14] Columbia (37082)
John Regan "Sorry Im Late" CD [$5] Culture VI
John Robinson aka Lil Sci "I Am Not For Sale" CD [$14] Fat City (FC028)
John Robinsion & MF Doom "Who Is This Man" CD [$14] High Water Music (HWR006)
Jozeemo (Justus League) "Cry Now, L.A.F. Later" CD [$13] Hall of Justus (DDS85013)
J. Rawls & Middle Child "Rawls & Middle" CD [$13] HBD (HBD7)
J. Rawls & John Robinson "Jay Are (The 1960's Jazz Revolution Again)" CD [$13] (HBD13)
J. Rawls "The Hip-Hop Affect" CD [$15] Greenstreets (GSE731)
J-Rocc "Taster's Choice Vol. 1" CD [$12] (JRC011)
J-Rocc "Taster's Choice Vol. 2" CD [$12] (JRC012)
J-Rocc "Taster's Choice Vol. 3" CD [$12] (JRC013)
J-Rocc "Taster's Choice Vol. 5" CD [$12] (JRC015)
J-Rocc (Beat Junkies) "J-Rocc vs. J-Man" CD [$18] Jazzman (JMAN032)
J-Rocc (Beat Junkies) "Some Cold Rock Stuf + Mystery Disc" 2xCD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2233)
J. Rocc "Taster's Choice Disc 6" CD [$12]
J. Rocc "Taster's Choice Live Version 1.3" CD [$12] Beat Junkie Sound
J Rock (prod. DJ Premier & Easy Mo Bee) "Streetwize" CD [$13] Ghetto Groovz (GG1015)
JR & PH7 "The Update" CD [$15] Soulspazm (SS041)
JR Writer (Diplomats) "Writer's Block 5" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG333)
J. Sands (Lone Catalysts) "The Breaks Vol. 1" CD [$15] B.U.K.A. (BUK9)
J. Sands "The Breaks 2: The Interlude Violator" CD [$13] B.U.K.A. (BUK15)
Juggaknots "Use Your Confusion" CD [$13] Matic/Amalgam (AMAL0602)
Jungle Brothers "Straight Out The Jungle + Instrumentals" (Special Edition) 2xCD [$17] Warlock (76535)
Jungle Brothers "Done By The Forces of Nature" CD [$10] Warner Bros. (26072)
Junior Mafia "Conspiracy" CD [$12] Big Beat (92614)
Junior Mafia "The Best of Junior Mafia" CD [$10] X-Ray (CLP1401)
Junk Science "Grandad's Nerve Tonic (+ Instrumentals)" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX150)
Jurassic 5 "Quality Control" CD [$15] Interscope (490664)
Jurassic 5 "Power In Numbers" CD [$15] Interscope (493448)
Jurassic 5 "Feedback" CD [$12] Interscope (B0006902)
Jurassic 5 "J5 (Dexlue Re-Issue)" 2xCD + DVD [$15] Decon (DCN65)
Jus Allah (Jedi Mind Tricks) "All Fates Have Changed" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG90)
JVC Force "Doin Damage" CD [$12] B-Boy Records (TEG76504)
JVC Force "Force Field" CD [$13] Warlock/Idlers (WAR2722)
J-Zone "Sick of Being Rich" CD [$15] Old Maid (6591235105)
J-Zone "A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work" CD [$15] Old Maid/Fat Beats (6591235111)
J-Zone "Gimme Dat Beat Fool" CD [$10] (ZONE001)
J-Zone & Celph Titled (Boss Hog Barbarians) "Every Hog Has Its Day" CD [$5] Mt. Kill-A-Ho/Hog Cabin Ent. (HC3002)
J-Zone "To Love A Hooker: The Motion Picture Soundstrack" CD [$3] Old Maid (OME2017)
Kaimbr & Kev Brown "The Alexander Green Project" CD [$13] Redefinition (RDF011)
Kankick "Serious Business This" CD [$13] Ramp Records (RAMP008)
Kanye West "The College Dropout" CD [$15] Roc-A-Fella (B00020300)
Kanye West "Graduation" CD [$13] Roc-A-Fella (B0009541)
Kanye West "808s & Heartbreak" CD [$14] Roc-A-Fella (B0012198)
Kanye West "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" (Deluxe Edition) CD + DVD [$20] Roc-A-Fella (B0014695)
Kanye West presents Good Music "Cruel Summer" CD [$15] Def Jam (B0017291)
Kardinal Offishall "Not For Sale" CD [$14] Geffen (602517791701)
Kashmere Stage Band "Texas Thunder Soul: 1968-1974 (Deluxe Edition)" 2xCD + DVD [$20] Now-Again (NA5085)
Kaze (prod. 9th Wonder) "Spirit of 94: Version 9.0" (Revised Edition) CD [$13] Brick Records (TEGBRK055)
Kaze "Block 2 The Basement" CD [$13] Sound of the Culture/Rawkus
K-Def "Night Shift" CD [$13] Definition (DRF014)
Keith Murray "Intellectual Violence" CD [$14] L.O.D. (LOD425)
Kenny Diaz presents "Lost Episodes Vol. 1 + 2: Best of New York Underground Hip Hop" 2xCD [$15] Kings Link (KLR4008)
Kenny Dope & Undercover Brother "Dopebrother Studio A" CD [$15] Dopebrother (DB7022)
Kenny Dope presents Rasheed Chappell "Future Before Nostalgia" CD [$15] Kay Dee (KD05)
Kev Brown "Random Joints (+ Instrumentals and Beat Tape V1)" CD [$13] Low Budget (LMB001)
Kero One "Early Believers" CD [$14] Plug Label (P00012)
Kevlaar 7 "Unbutton Your Holsters" CD [$14] Chambermusik (CM0106)
Kevlaar 7 "Who Got The Camera" CD [$14] Chambermusik (CM0147)
Key Kool & Rhettmatic "Kozmonautz" CD [$13] Up Above (UPA1001)
Kid Koala "Some Of My Best Friends Are DJs" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (NJT82)
Kid Koala "Live From The Short Attenion Span Audio Theater Tour" CD + DVD [$13] Ninja Tune (NJT101)
Kid Koala "Your Mom's Favorite DJ" CD [$13] Ninja Tune (NJT127)
Kid Koala "12 Bit Blues" CD [$17] Ninja Tune (ZEN190)
Kid N Play "2 Hype" CD [$13] Select (21628)
Kidz In The Hall "The In Crowd" CD [$15] Major League/Duck Down (DDM2075)
Kidz In The Hall "Land of Make Believe" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2125)
Kidz In The Hall "Occasion" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2260)
Killah Priest "Heavy Mental" CD [$15] Geffen (24971)
Killah Priest "Priesthood" CD [$5] Babygrande (BBG9015)
Killah Priest "A Prelude To The Offering" CD [$10] All Elements
Killah Priest "The Offering (album)" CD [$14] Good Hands (TEG2437)
Killah Priest "Behind The Stained Glass" CD [$13] Good Hands (TEG2452)
Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi "Beautiful Minds" CD [$14] Good Hands (TEG2456)
Killah Priest "The Exorcist" CD [$15] Iceman (ICE24)
Killarmy "Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars" CD [$15] Priority (50633)
Killarmy "Dirty Weaponry" CD [$15] Priority (50014)
Killarmy "Fear, Love & War" CD [$15] Loud (1927)
Killa Sha & J-Love "Acknowledge The Vet" CD [$5]
Killer Mike "R.A.P. Music" CD [$14] Williams Street (60018)
King Britt "Adventures In Lo-Fi" CD [$17] BBE/Rapster (RAP13)
King Just "Mystics of the God" CD [$13] Select (23001)
King Sun "XL" CD [$17] Profile (TEG78510)
King Sun "Strictly Ghetto" CD [$13] Cold Chillin (CC6001)
Kirby Dominant & Factor "Paranoid Castle - Champagne Nightmares" CD [$10] Fake Four Inc (FFINC029)
KMD "Mr. Hood" CD [$15] Elektra/Traffic (TEG75504)
KMD "Black Bastards" CD [$15] Metal Face (MF2001)
KMD "The Best of KMD" CD [$14] (NSD103)
Kokayi "Robots & Dinosaurs (+ instrumentals)" 2xCD [$12] QN5 Music
Kon & Amir and DJ Muro "The Kings of Diggin" 2xCD [$15] BBE/Rapster (RR0061)
Kon & Amir "Off Track Vol. 3: Brooklyn" 2xCD [$15] BBE (130)
Koncept (Brown Bag All Stars) "Awaken" CD [$13] Soulspazm (SSD420)
Kongcrete (Monsta Island Czars) "Shackles Off" CD [$13] Classified (CLR002)
Kooley High "Eastern Standard Time" CD [$12] M.E.C.C.A. Records (MEC001)
Kool G Rap "4, 5, 6" CD [$10] Epic (57808)
Kool G Rap "Half A Kilp" CD [$12] Latchkey (LKY104)
Kool G Rap "Riches, Royalty & Respect" CD [$15] Fat Beats (FB5142)
Kool Keith "Spankmaster" CD [$15] Overcore/TVT (TVT2270)
Kool Keith & TOMC3 "Project Polaroid" CD [$13] Threshold (THR4155)
Kool Keith "The Return of Dr. Octagon" CD [$15] OCD Records (OCD9217)
Kool Keith "Ultra Octa Doom" CD + DVD [$15] 2B1 (2201)
Kool Keith "Sex Style: The Un-Released Archives" CD [$15] Threshold (THR3017)
Kool Keith "Dr. Dooom 2" CD [$13] Threshold (THR3019)
Kool Keith "Tashan Dorrsett" CD + DVD [$15] Junkadelic (JZ0026)
Kool Keith "Lost Masters Collection" 3xCD [$15] Dmaft (DMT88024)
Kool Keith, Denis Deft & Yeti Beats "Bikinis N Thongs" CD [$17] EL Movement (RBC72)
Kool Keith "The Legend of Tashan Dorrsett + Instrumentals" CD [$15] Junkadelic (JZ029)

Kool Keith "Love And Danger" CD [$13] Junkadelic (JM69)
K-Os "Exit" CD [$15] Astralwerks (43383)
K-Os "Joyful Rebellion" CD [$15] Astralwerks (ASW18821)
K-Os "Atlantis Hymns For Disco" CD [$13] Virgin (80224)
Koushik "Be With" CD [$10] Stones Throw (STH2098)
Koushik "Out My Window" CD [$14] Stones Throw (STH2174)
Krown Rulers (Grand Puba) "Paper Chase" CD [$13] Warlock (76509)
KRS-ONE "Return of the Boom Bap" CD [$15] Jive (41517)
KRS-ONE "KRS-ONE" CD [$15] Jive (41570)
KRS-ONE "I Got Next" CD [$15] Jive (41601)
KRS-ONE "Kristyles" CD [$15] Koch (KOC8342)
KRS-ONE and the Temple of Hip Hop "Spiritual Minded" CD [$15] Koch (KOC8363)
KRS-ONE "The Mix Tape" CD [$12] Koch (KOC8458)
KRS-ONE "D.I.G.I.T.A.L." CD [$15] X-Ray/Front Page (1323)
KRS-ONE "Keep Right" CD + DVD [$15] Grit (GRI6)
KRS-ONE "Life" CD [$15] Antagonist (ANT2943)
KRS-ONE & Marley Marl "Hip Hop Lives" CD [$15] Koch (KOC4105)
KRS-ONE "Adventures In Emceein" CD [$15] Echo (ECH4073)
KRS-ONE & Buckshot "Survival Skills" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2120)
KRS-ONE & True Master "Meta-Historical" CD [$15] Fat Beats (5135)
KRS-ONE & True Master "Meta-Historical" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$12] Fat Beats (FB5141)
Krumb Snatcha "Hidden Scriptures" CD [$13] Mind Power (MPE001)
Krumbsnatcha "The Resurrection of Tha Golden Wolf" CD [$13] Chambermusik (CM0161)
K-Salaam "The World Is Ours" CD [$15] Shining Star/REX (678)
K-Solo "Tell The World My Name" (Deluxe Edition) CD [$14] (TEG75509)
K-The-I??? "Synesthesia" CD [$10] Fake Four Inc (26)
Kurious "II" CD [$14] Amalgam (8003)
Labtekwon "Song of the Sovereign" CD [$14] Mush (MH207)
L.A. Carnival "Would Like To Pose A Question" CD [$13] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5009)
La Coka Nostra "A Brand You Can Trust" CD [$15] Suburban Noize (NZE125)
La Coka Nostra "Masters of the Dark Arts" CD [$15] Fat Beats (FB5158)
Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets) "Trip The Light Fantastic" CD [$13] Nu-Paradigm (NUP7195)
Lady Sovereign "Public Warning" CD [$12] Def Jam (B0007625)
Lady Sovereign "Jigsaw" CD [$12] Midget (20056)
Large Professor "The LP" (New Version) CD [$15] Paul Sea (PSP006)
Large Professor "Main Source" CD [$14] Gold Dust Media (GDM003)
Large Professor "Professor @ Large" CD [$13] Fat Beats (FB5148)
L.A. Symphony "Disappear Here" CD [$13] Gotee (73000)
Lateef & The Chief (Maroons) "Ambush" CD [$12] Quannum (80702)
Lauryn Hill "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" CD [$13] Columbia (69035)
Lawless Element "Soundvision: In Stereo" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG115)
Lazer Sword "Lazer Sword" CD [$15] Innovative Leisure (2001)
Leaders of the New School "A Future Without A Past" CD [$12] Elektra (60976)
Leaders of the New School "T.I.M.E." CD [$12] Elektra (61382)
Lee Bannon "Fantastic Plastic" CD [$12] Plug Research (PLG122)
Lee Fields & The Expressions "My World" CD [$14] Truth & Soul (TS007)
Leedz Edutainment presents "The Write Off" CD [$5] Leedz
L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Suicide Music" CD [$13] Hall of Justus (HJR5005)
Lexicon "Rapstars" CD [$15] Module (MOD033)
Lexoleum CD [$15] Lex (LEX5020)
Lightheaded "Wrong Way" CD [$13] Tres/Wax Orchard (WAX6)
Likwit Junkies (Defari & Babu) "The L.J.'s" CD [$13] ABB Records (ABB1059)
Lil Kim "Ms. G.O.A.T." CD [$15] Money Maker (MMC0503)
Lil Sci & Carlos Nino "What's The Science: Elevation" CD [$13] Shaman Work (SWR351)
Listener "Whispermoon" CD [$13] Mush (MH217)
Little Brother "The Chittlin Circuit 1.5" (New Version) CD [$17] Fastlife (FSL34)
Little Brother "The Minstrel Show" CD [$15] Atlantic (83783)
Little Brother "Getback" CD [$15] ABB (ABB1095)
Little Brother "And Justus For All" CD [$15] Hall of Justus (HJR5001)
Little Brother "Separate But Equal (Drama Free Edition)" CD [$15] Hall of Justus (HJR5003)
Little Brother "Leftback" CD [$15] Hall of Justus (45008)
Little Vic "Each Dawn I Die" CD [$13] Orena
Living Legends "Almost Famous" CD [$15] Legendary (71092)
Living Legends "Crappy Old Sh*t" CD [$15] Legendary (50028)
Living Legends "Creative Differences" CD [$15] Legendary (406)
Living Legends "Classic" CD [$15] Legendary (52)
Living Legends "The Gathering" CD [$10] Legendary (50023)
LL Cool J "Radio" CD [$10] Def Jam (314527352)
LL Cool J "Bigger And Deffer" CD [$10] Def Jam (314527353)
LL Cool J "Walking With A Panther" CD [$10] Def Jam (314527355)
LL Cool J "Mama Said Knock You Out" CD [$15] Def Jam (314523477)
Lloyd Banks "Rotten Apple" CD [$13] Interscope (B0007023)
Lloyd Banks "Money Moves The World" CD [$14] Shadyville
Lloyd Banks "H.F.M.2" (Hunger For More 2) CD [$17] G-Unit (918041)
LMNO "Leave My Name Out" CD [$13] Up Above (UPA1011)
LMNO "Economic Food Chain Music" CD [$13] Up Above (UPA1008)
LMNO "This EP Reminds Me of 93" CD [$10] Up Above (UPA1005)
LMNO "P's & Q's" CD [$13] Up Above (UPA1015)
LMNO & Kev Brown "Selective Hearing" CD [$13] Up Above (UPA1024)
LMNO (Visionaries) "Let'eMkNOw" CD [$13] Workethic/Up Above (UPA1026)
LMNO & Yann Kesz "Devilish Dandruff With Holy Shampoo" CD [$14] Up Above (UPA1027)
LoDeck & Omega One "Postcards From The Third Rock (+ Instrumentals)" 2xCD [$15] Johnny 23
Loer Velocity "Ready For A Renaissance" CD [$13] Embedded (BED20)
Lone Catalysts "Hip Hop" CD [$7] B.U.K.A. (LCHH01)
Looptroop Rockers "Good Things" CD [$14] DVSG/Bad Taste (BTR121)
Lootpack "Soundpieces: Da Antidote" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2019)
Lord Finesse "The Awakening" CD [$15] Traffic (TEG75512)
Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian) "The 5% Album" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG9)
Lords of the Underground "Here Come The Lords" CD [$15] Pendulum (27757)
Lord Superb "Superb Clientele" CD [$13] Chambermusik (CM0108)
Lord Superb "Perb Made It Possible" CD [$15] Chambermusik (CM0145)
Los Nativos "Dia De Los Muertos" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RS0033)
Lost Children of Babylon "Where Light Was Created: The Equidivium" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG9204)
Lost Children of Babylon "Words From The Duat: The Book of Anubis" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG9203)
Lost Children of Babylon "The 911 Report: The Ultimate Conspiracy" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG9201)
Lost Children of Babylon "Zeitgeist: The Spirit of The Age" CD + DVD [$15] Soul Kid (SKR122)
Lost Children of Babylon "The Tower of Babel" CD [$13] Chambermusik (CM0154)
Lost Children of Babylon "El's Appendices: The Scroll of Lost Tales" CD [$14] LCOB (LCP10082)
Lostribe "Sophie" CD [$13] (CFO009)
Louieville Sluggah (O.G.C.) "Best Kept Secret" CD [$13] OTP/Chambermusik (CM0121)
Louis Logic "Music To Drink By: A Collection of Loosies & Exclusives" CD [$14]
Louis Logic "Debacle In A Bottle" CD [$13]
Louis Logic "Sin-A-Matic" CD [$15] Solid (SLD1008)
Louis Logic "Me & Everyone You Know" CD [$13] Pot To Piss In (PTP002)
L*Roneous (Da Versifier) "Notes of the Righteous Outlaw" CD [$12] LR1 Ent.
Luckyiam "I Love Haters" CD [$13] Legendary (IDC0464)
Luckyiam "Time To Get Lucky" CD [$12] Legendary
Lupe Fiasco "Food & Liquor" CD [$15] Atlantic (83959)
Lupe Fiasco "The Cool" CD [$15] Atlantic (89959)
Lupe Fiasco "Lasers" CD [$17] Atlantic (520870)
Lupe Fiasco "Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1" CD [$17] Atlantic (531683)
Luv NY "Luv NY" CD [$17] Ascetic/Modulor (MOD026)
Lyrics Born "Same !@#$ Different Day" CD [$12] Quannum (80703)
Lyrics Born "Overnite Encore" CD [$13] Quannum (QP077)
Lyrics Born "Variety Show Session One" CD [$12]
Lyrics Born "Everywhere At Once" CD [$15] Epitaph (86804)
Lyrics Born "Variety Show Season Pho (4)" CD [$13] Mobile Home (LB04)
Lyrics Born "As U Were" CD [$15] Le Plan/Decon (DCN104)
Lyrics of Fury 2 CD [$13] Underworld/Battle Axe (BAX9006)
Mac Lethal "Men Are From Mars, Porn Stars Are From Earth" CD [$15] (HHI04) w/free Unseen "Drapetomania" CD
Mac Lethal "11:11" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RS0088)
Mac Lethal "Love Potion 5: Deluxe Edition" CD [$15] Black Clover/16 Chapel (10)
Madchild (Swollen Members) "Dope Sick" CD [$14] Battle Axe/Suburban Noize (BAT305)
Mad Decent "Volume 1" CD [$15] Downtown (MAD107)
Madlib "Shades Of Blue" CD [$15] Blue Note (36447)
Madlib "Beat Konducta Volumes 1-2: Movie Scenes" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2133)
Madlib & Peanut Butter Wolf "Time Out presents The Other Side Los Angeles" CD + DVD [$15] Dead Dumb + Blind (30030)
Madlib "Beat Konducta In India: Vol. 3-4" 2xCD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2177)
Madlib & Mamao "Jackson Conti: Sujinho" CD [$15] Mochilla (MOCD003)
Madlib (Beat Konducta) "WLIB AM: King of the Wigflip" CD [$15] BBE/Rapster (RR39070)
Madlib "Beat Konducta Vol. 5-6: Dil Cosby" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2205) w/free Fan Club 45
Madlib "Medicine Show #1: Before The Verdict" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS001)
Madlib "Medicine Show #2: Flight To Brazil" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS002)
Madlib "Medicine Show #3: Beat Konducta In Africa" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS003)
Madlib "The Last Electro-Acoustic Space Jazz & Percussion Ensemble: Miles Away" CD [$17] Stones Throw (STH2171)
Madlib "Young Jazz Rebels: Slave Riot" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2224)
Madlib "Medicine Show #4: 420 Chalice All-Stars" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS004)
Madlib "Medicine Show #5: History of the Loop Digga" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS005)
Madlib "Medicine Show #6: The Brain Wreck Show" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS006)
Madlib "Medicine Show #7: High Jazz" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS007)
Madlib "Medicine Show #8: Advanced Jazz" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS008)
Madlib feat. Frank Nitt "Medicine Show #9: Channel 85 Presents Nittyville" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS009)
Madlib "Medicine Show #10: Black Soul" CD [$15] Invazaion (MMS010)
Madlib "Medicine Show #11: Low Budget High Fi Music" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS011)
Madlib "Medicine Show Vol. 12: Raw Medicine" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS012)
Madlib "Medicine Show #13: Black Tape" CD [$15] Invazion (MMS013)
Mad Skillz "From Where???" CD [$15] (TEG75522)
Madvillain (MF Doom & Madlib) "Madvillainy" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2065)
Maestro Fresh-Wes "The Black Tie Affair" CD [$15] (TEG20987)
Main Flow (Mood) "Hip-Hopulation" CD [$13] Brick (TEGBRK043)
Main Flow "Notebook Assassins" CD [$10] Wannabattle (WB5138)
Main Flow (Mood) "Featuring..." CD [$12] Wannabattle
Main Flow & 7L "Flow Season" CD [$13] Brick (BRK070)
Main Source "Breaking Atoms" CD [$12] Wild Pitch (WPD2004)
Majer Lazer "Lazers Never Die" CD [$6] Downtown/Interscope (B0014552)
Majesticons "Beauty Party" CD [$15] Big Dada (BB047)
Maker "Honestly" CD [$12] Birthwrite (BR005)
Maker "Shooting The Breeze" CD [$10] Galapagos4 (G40031)
Maker "Maker vs. Now-Again" CD [$15] Now-Again (NAML004)
Man Bites Dog Records "Volume One" CD [$14] Man Bites Dog (MBD027)
Mantronix "Music Madness" CD [$12] Sleeping Bag (76513)
Mantronix "King of the Beats: Anthology 1985-1988" 2xCD [$18] Traffic (76536)
Manzel "Midnight Theme" 2xCD [$14] Dopebrother (DB7005)
Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx "The Exxecution" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2145)
Marco Polo "The Stupendous Adventures of Marco Polo" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2155)
Mark Deez "Bootstrap Theory" CD [$5] Mr. Untouchable (UPC001)
Mark Ronson "Here Comes The Fuzz" CD [$15] Elektra (62839)
Mass Influence "The Underground Science" CD [$5] Boulevard Connection (TBC001)
Massive Attack vs. Mad Professor "No Protection" CD [$12] Astralwerks (ASW6619)
Mass Movementz "The Album" CD [$10] (LEEDZ001)
Masstapeace "Time 2 Make Music" CD [$13] Masstapeace (MR2)
Masta Ace Incorporated "Slaughtahouse" CD [$12] Delicious Vinyl (76770)
Masta Ace Incorporated "Sittin On Chrome" CD [$12] Delicious Vinyl (76769)
Masta Ace "Grand Masta: The Remix & Rarity Collection" CD [$15] Funky Chemist (TR1700)
Masta Ace & Ed O.G "Arts & Entertainment" CD [$15] M3 Hip Hop (MTR8177)
Masta Ace "MA DOOM: Son of Yvonne CD [$15] M3/Fat Beats (FB5157)
Masta Killa (Wu-Tang Clan) "No Said Date" CD + DVD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD108)
Masta Killa "Made In Brooklyn" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD126)
Masta Killa "Live" CD [$15] Gold Dust (GDM030)
Masters of Ceremony (Grand Puba) "Dynamite" CD [$15] Strong City (76507)
Mathematics "Love, Hell Or Right (Da Come Up)" CD [$15] High Times (HTR113)
Mathematics "The Problem" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD117)
Mathematics "Soul of a Man" 2xCD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD124)
Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Beans & High Priest "Knives From Heaven" CD [$15] Thirsty Ear (57198)
Matty Trump "The Trump Card" CD [$12] Leedz (LEEDZ005)
Mayday "Take Me To Your Leader" CD [$15] Strange Music (305)
Mayer Hawthorne "A Strange Arrangement" (Deluxe) CD + 4" [$17] Stones Throw (STH2219)
Mayer Hawthorne "How Do You Do" CD [$12] Universal Republic (B0016109)
Maylay Sparks "Graymatter" CD [$15] BBE/Rapster (RR0022)
Maylay Sparks "Flaskworthy" CD [$15] Long Range (LRD2184)
M-Boogie "Laid In Full" CD [$14] Blackberry (BLK009)
Mcenroe "The Convenience" CD [$10] Peanuts & Corn (P&C020)
MC Lyte "Lyte As A Rock" CD [$12] Atlantic (90905)
MC Lyte "Eyes On This" CD [$12] Atlantic (91304)
MC Shan "Born To Be Wild" (Special Edition) CD [$17] Cold Chillin (77515)
Meaty Ogre "Leo vs. Pisces" CD [$13] Galapagos4 (G40018)
Medaphoar aka MED "Push Comes To Shove" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2108)
Medaphoar aka MED "Bang Ya Head: Singles & Guest Shots" CD [$12] Stones Throw (MED0002)
Medaphor aka MED "Bang Ya Head 3: Special Edition" CD [$13] (BYH2011)
M.E.D. (Medaphoar) "Classic" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2275)
Median (Justus League) "The Path To Relief (Revisited)" CD [$13] Beathut (BEA0024)
Median "The Sender" CD [$13] Foreign Exchange (MED02)
Mekalek "Live And Learn" CD [$13] Glow In The Dark (GITD010)
Mello Music Group "Self Sacrifice" CD [$10] Mello Music (MMG025)
Mestizo "Life Like Movie" CD [$10] Galapagos4 (G40024)
Mestizo & Mike Gao "Blindfaith" CD [$12] Galapagos4 (G40032)
Mestizo "Dream State" CD [$13] Galapagos4 (G40043)
Method Man "Tical 0: The Prequel" CD [$13] Def Jam (314548405)
Method Man presents "Streetlife" CD [$8]
Method Man presents Streetlife "Street Education" CD [$12] X-Ray (CLP1497)
Method Man "4:21 The Day After" CD [$14] Def Jam (B0006986)
Method Man presents Streetlife "Street Creditability" CD [$5] Distrolord
Method Man & Redman "Blackout 2" CD [$14] Def Jam (12400)
Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon "Wu-Massacre" CD [$15] Def Jam (B0013581)
Meyhem Lauren "Self Induced Illness" 2xCD [$17] Chambermusik (CM0153)
M.F. Doom "Operation Doomsday (Deluxe Edition)" 2xCD [$17] Metal Face (MF1107)
MF Doom "Metal Fingers presents Special Herbs Vol. 1 + 2" CD [$13] (HTR105)
M.F. Doom "Metal Fingers presents Special Herbs Vol. 3" CD [$10] Female Fun (FF003)
M.F. Doom "Live From Planet X" CD [$13] Nature Sounds (NSD113)
M.F. Doom "MM..Food" CD + DVD [$17] Rhymesayers (RS0084)
MF Doom "Born Like This" CD [$15] Lex (LEX69)
MF Doom "Unexpected Guests" CD [$15] Gold Dust (GDM027)
MF Doom feat. Big Benn Klingon "Expectoration Live" CD [$14] Gold Dust (GDM029)
MF Doom & Jneiro Jarel "JJ Doom: Key To The Kuffs" CD [$15] Lex Records (LEX082)
M.F. Grimm "The Downfall of Ibilys: A Ghetto Opera" CD [$15] Day By Day (DBD002)
M.F. Grimm "The Hunt For The Gingerbread Man" CD [$13] Class A (CA1007)
M.F. Grimm "The Order of the Baker" CD [$12] Toaster (TE001)
M.F. Grimm "You Only Live Twice: The Audio Graphic Novel" CD [$15] Day By Day (DBD090)
M.I.A. "MAYA" (Deluxe Edition) CD [$18] XL/Interscope (B0014362)
Mic Geronimo "The Natural" CD [$15] Blunt (4910)
Mic Geronimo "Vendetta" CD [$15] Blunt (4930)
Micranots "Return of the Travellahs 1996" CD [$13] Rhyme Sayers (RS0032)
Micranots "The Emperor & The Assassin" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RS0042)
Micranots "The Final Blend Tape" CD [$10] Mental Madness (MMWMT701)
Mighty Casey "Original Rudebwoy" CD [$12] Busted Lip (TEG2413)
Mighty Underdogs (Gift of Gab, Lateef & Headnodic) "The Prelude" CD [$10] MU Records (MU322206)
Mighty Underdogs (Gift of Gab, Lateef & Headnodic) "Dropping Science Fiction" CD [$14] Definitive Jux (DJX165)
Mike Ladd "Vernacular Homocide" CD [$10] Ozone (OZO88815)
Mike Ladd "Negrophilia (The Album)" CD [$13] Thirsty Ear (THI57156)
Minimal Wave Tapes - Volume One CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2223)
Mister Jason (Porn Theatre Ushers) presents "Frankensteez" CD [$15] Fort Point (FP008)
Mitchy Slick presents Tha Wrongkind "Yellow Tape" CD [$13] (SMC375)
Mixmaster Mike "Anti-Theft Device" CD [$15] Asphodel (0985)
Mixmaster Mike "Return of the Cyclops" CD [$13] Asphodel (2008)
Mobb Deep "Juvenile Hell" CD [$15] 4th & Bway (162444053)
Mobb Deep "The Infamous" CD [$15] Loud/RCA (66480)
Mobb Deep "Murda Muzik" CD [$12] Loud (63715)
Mobb Deep "Amerikaz Nightmare" CD [$15] Jive (53730)
Mobb Deep "6 Blocks 96 Buildings" CD [$13] Megabucks (MBE135)
Mobb Deep "The Infamous Archives" 2xCD [$15] Streetcore (SC701)
Mobb Deep "The Safe Is Cracked" CD [$15] Siccness (SIC60)
Mobb Deep "Black Cocaine" CD [$8] Infamous (3011)
Moe Pope "Life After God" CD [$14] Brick (BRK100)
Moka Only "Lime Green" CD [$12] Battle Axe (BAX1004)
Moka Only "Flood" CD [$15] Underworld/Battleaxe (BAX9004)
Moka Only "Lowdown Suite" CD [$13] Battle Axe (BAX1018)
Moka Only (Swollen Members) "Desired Effect" CD [$12] GSE (GSE707)
Moka Only "Lowdown Suite 2: The Box" CD [$12] Feelin Music (FLN913)
Moka Only & Ayatollah "Bridges" CD [$15] Green Streets (840)
Moke & Tone "Shot Heard Round The World" CD [$12] Mystika Music (MM008)
Molemen "Ritual of the...Revisited and Remastered" CD [$12] Molemen (MR016)
Molemen "Chicago City Limits, Volume 1" CD [$12] Molemen
Molemen "Lost Sessions" CD [$12] Molemen (MR020)
Molemen "Chicago City Limits Vol. 2" CD [$12] Molemen (MR023)
Molemen "Killing Fields" CD [$13] Molemen (MR024)
Mood "Doom" CD [$15] Blunt (TVT4430)
Mood "Live Again" CD [$12] Three Below Zero (TBZR074)
Money Mark "Brand New By Tomorrow" CD [$13] Brushfire/Universal (B0008351)
M.O.P. "To The Death" CD [$15] Select (21648)
M.O.P. "Firing Squad" CD [$15] Relativity (1555)
M.O.P. "First Family 4 Life" CD [$15] Relativity (1618)
M.O.P. "Warriorz" CD [$15] Loud (1778)
M.O.P. "Mash Out Posse" CD [$15] Fast Life (FSLCD1)
M.O.P. "Marxmen Cinema" 2xCD [$15] Breaking Point (BPR402)
M.O.P. "St. Marxmen" CD [$15] Koch (KOC5825)
M.O.P. "Ghetto Warfare" CD [$13] Coppertop (FCM6008)
M.O.P. "Foundation" CD [$17] Koch (2045)
M.O.P. & Snowgoons "Sparta" CD [$15] Switchblade (23)
Mos Def & Talib Kweli "Black Star" CD [$15] Rawkus (RWK1158)
Mos Def "Black On Both Sides" CD [$15] Rawkus (088112905)
Mos Def "The New Danger" CD [$13] Geffen (B0003558)
Mos Def "True Magic" CD [$13] Geffen (B0007515)
Mos Def "The Ecstatic" CD [$15] Downtown (DWT70055)
Motion Man (Masters of Illusion) "Pablito's Way" CD + DVD [$14] Threshold (GSE709)
Motion Man "Adult Situations" CD [$13] 442 Records
Motive (Demigodz) "Mo-llinium: The Takeover Begins" CD [$13] Authentic Music
Mountain Brothers "Microphone Phenomenal" CD [$8] Babygrande (BBG0104)
Mountain Brothers "Triple Crown" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG2)
M-Phazes "Phazed Out" CD [$10] Coalmine (CM038)
Mr. Brady "Dusty Baker" CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAX9003)
Mr. Brady "Dirty" CD [$13] Battle Axe (BAX1020)
Mr. Brady "Labor of Love" CD [$12] Clear Label (1043)
Mr. Chop "For Pete's Sake" CD [$14] Five Day Weekend/Now-Again (FDW7704)
Mr. Complex "Hold This Down" CD [$13] Seven Heads (SVH010)
Mr. Complex "Collaborations: Comps And Collabos of Comp" CD [$10] Corecords (CSR9980)
Mr. Complex "Twisted Mister" CD [$13] Raptivism (RPV24)
Mr. Dibbs "Random Vol. 1" CD [$15] Puddles Frothingsquat (PFS001)
Mr. Dibbs "The 30th Song" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (RS0030)
Mr. Dibbs "Turntable Hardcore Vol. 2: Pain Merchant" CD [$13]
Mr. Greenweedz & G-riot "G-Strings" CD [$12] All Natural (AN37)
Mr. Len "Class-X: Tribute To Company Flow" CD [$13] Smacks (TEG2410)
Mr. Lif "Enters The Colossus" CD [$10] Def Jux (DJX002)
Mr. Lif "Emergency Rations" CD [$10] Definitive Jux (DJX30)
Mr. Lif "I Phantom" CD [$15] Defnintive Jux (DJX37)
Mr. Lif (prod. El-P) "Mo Mega" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX129)
Mr. Lif "I Heard It Today" CD [$14] Bloodbot Tactical (BTE01)
Mr. Skurge "Skyline" CD [$12] Domination (DOM008)
Mr. SOS "How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb" CD [$10] QN5 Music (QN5027)
MSTRKRFT "Fist of God" CD [$13] Dim Mak/Downtown (DM122)
Murs & Slug "Felt: A Tribute To Christina Ricci" CD [$14] Access Hip Hop
MURS & Slug "Felt 2: A Tribute To Lisa Bonet" CD [$14] Rhymesayers (RHY64)
MURS "The End of the Beginning" CD [$15] Def Jux (DJX48)
MURS "MURS For President (Special Edition)" CD + DVD [$18] Warner Bros (514005)
MURS & Slug "Felt 3: A Tribute To Rosie Perez" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (RS0116)
MURS & 9th Wonder "Fornever" CD [$15] MB/SMC (425)
MURS "Love & Rockets Vol. 1: The Transformation" CD [$12] DD172
MURS & Fashawn "This Generation" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2090)
Musab (aka Beyond) "Respect The Life" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RS0027)
Musab aka Beyond (Dynospectrum) "Slicks Box" CD [$13] Hieroglyphics (230128)
Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship) "Mykology" CD [$10] Soundvise (SV023)
Mystik Journeymen "Magic" CD [$15] Legendary (70747)
Naledge (Kidz In The Hall) "Chicago Picasso" CD [$13] Vision/Duck Down (VIS5008)
Nas "Illmatic" CD [$10] Columbia (57684)
Nas "It Was Written" CD [$10] Columbia (67015)
Nas "I Am" CD [$10] Columbia (68773)
Nas "Nastradamus" CD [$10] Columbia (63930)
Nas "Stillmatic" CD [$10] Columbia (85736)
Nas "The Lost Tapes" CD [$10] Columbia (85275)
Nas "God's Son" CD [$10] Columbia (86930)
Nas "Illmatic: 10th Anniversary Platinum Edition" 2xCD [$10] Columbia (92072)
Nas "Streets Disciple" 2xCD [$18] Columbia (92065)
Nas presents Nashawn of Bravehearts "Napalm" CD [$15] Cleopatra (CLP1614)
Nas "Hip Hop Is Dead" CD [$15] Def Jam (B0007229)
Nas "Greatest Hits" CD [$15] Columbia (09550)
Nas presents Bravehearts "Bravehearted 2" CD [$13] Megabucks (MBE145)
Nas "Nas (Untitled)" CD [$15] Def Jam (B0011505)
Nas & Damian Marley "Distant Relatives" CD [$15] Def Jam (B0014136)
Nas "Life Is Good" (Deluxe Edition) CD [$18] Def Jam (B0017056)
N.A.S.A. "The Spirit of Apollo" CD [$15] Anti/Epitaph (87001)
Natural Yogurt Band "Away With Melancholy" CD [$17] Now-Again (NA5043)
Nature Sounds presents "Natural Selection" CD [$10] Nature Sounds (NSD123)
N.B.S. "The Prelude" CD [$10] Big Bang (BBR0004)
Necro presents "Brutality Part 1" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$15] Psycho+Logical
Necro "Rare Demos & Freestyles Vol. 3" CD [$15] Psycho+Logical
Necro "The Pre-Fix For Death" CD [$15] Psycho+Logical (PLR0033)
Necro "The Pre-Fix For Death" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$15] Psycho+Logical
Necro "Death Rap" CD [$15] Psycho+Logical (PLR0047)
Necro "Die!" CD [$17] Psycho+Logical (60)
Necro "The Murder Murder Kill Kill Double EP" CD [$13] Psycho+Logical (66)
Neek The Exotic & Large Professor "Still On The Hustle" CD [$14] Distrolord (FB5143)
Nems "Super Marvelous" CD [$10] Creative Juices
Nems "Prezident's Day" CD [$12] Creative Juices
Nems "Fuck Your Lyfe Valium Won" CD [$10] Creative Juices
Nems "Filthy Fly Shit" CD [$12] Creative Juices (CJM016)
Neptunes present "Clones" CD [$15] Startrak (53024)
N.E.R.D. (Neptunes) "In Search of..." CD (US Version) [$15] Virgin (11521)
N.E.R.D. (Neptunes) "Fly Or Die" CD [$15] Virgin (91457)
N.E.R.D. (Neptunes) "Seeing Sounds" CD [$15] Interscope (B0011447)
N.E.R.D. (Neptunes) "Nothing" (DELUXE EDITION) CD [$18] Interscope (B0014409)
Nextmen "Join The Dots" CD [$12] Sanctuary (2714748)
Nice & Smooth "Nice & Smooth" CD [$17] Priority/Get On Down (53503)
Nice & Smooth "Ain't A Damn Thing Changed" CD [$10] RAL (314523478)
Nicolay & Kay "Time:Line" CD [$13] Nicolay Music (NMR002)
Nicolay "City Lights Vol. 2: Shibuya" CD [$13] Foreign Exchange (HBDCL2)
Nightmares On Wax "Carboot Soul (New Version)" CD [$13] Warp (WARP61)
Nightmares On Wax "Mind Elevation" CD [$15] Warp (WARP8095)
9th Prince (Killarmy) "Granddaddy Flow" (New Version) CD [$15] ihiphop (30)
9th Prince (Killarmy) "Prince of New York" CD [$10] Babygrande (BYG0373)
9th Prince (Killarmy) "Revenge of the 9th Prince" CD [$15] Wu Music Group
9th Prince (Killarmy) "One Man Army" CD [$15] ihiphop (33)
9th Wonder & Buckshot "Chemistry" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2012)
9th Wonder & Skyzoo "Cloud 9: The 3 Day High" CD [$15] Custom Made (TEG2431)
9th Wonder "The Dream Merchant Vol. 2" CD [$14] 6 Hole (6HO020)
9th Wonder & Buckshot "The Formula" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2070)
9th Wonder & Big Remo "Entrapment" CD [$15] It's A Wonderful World (IWWMG01)
9th Wonder "The Wonder Years" CD [$15] It's A Wonderful World (IWWMG02)
Nitty Scott MC "The Boombox Diaries Vol. 1" CD [$10] Boombox Family/Distrolord
Nneka "Concrete Jungle" CD [$12] Yo Mama/Decon (DCN78)
Noah23 "Fry Cook On Venus" CD [$10] Fake Four (FFINC024)
Non-Prophets (Sage Francis & Joe Beats) "Hope" CD [$15] Lex (LEX018)
N.O.R.E. "Noreality" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG319)
Norman (Barfly & Onry Ozzborn of Oldominion) "Polarity" CD [$13] Under The Needle (UTN014)
Notorious B.I.G. "Life After Death" 2CD [$20] Bad Boy (73011)
Notorious B.I.G. "Born Again" CD [$15] Bad Boy (73023)
Notorious B.I.G. "Duets: The Final Chapter" CD [$17] Bad Boy (83885)
Notorious B.I.G. "Greatest Hits" CD [$15] Bad Boy (10183)
Nottz "You Need This Music" CD [$15] (TEG38435)
Now-Again Re:Sounds Vol. 1 - CD [$15] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5030)
Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5) "Hands On" CD [$15] Sequence (SEQ8020)
Nu-Mark & Pomo (Jurassic 5) "Blend Crafters Volume One" CD [$13] Up Above (UPA1009)
Nu-Mark (Jurassic 5) "Take Me With You" CD [$13] Mochilla (21)
N.W.A "Straight Outta Compton (+ Bonus Tracks)" CD [$13] Priority (37936)
N.W.A "EFIL4ZAGGIN + 100 Miles And Runnin" CD [$13] Priority (37937)
N.W.A "The Strength of Street Knowledge" CD + DVD [$20] Priority (77715)
NYG'z feat. DJ Premier "Welcome 2 G-Dom" CD [$15] Year Round (TEG2444)
Obie Trice "Cheers" CD [$13] Aftermath (1105)
Obie Trice "Second Round's On Me" CD [$13] Aftermath (B0006844)
Obie Trice "Special Reserve" CD [$12] Moss Appeal (MSS001)
Obie Trice "Bottoms Up" CD [$13] Black Market (1156)
O.C. "Word...Life" CD [$14] Mushine/Next Mill (NME001)
O.C. "Jewelz" CD (New Version) [$12] (RIR003)
O.C. "Smoke And Mirrors" CD [$13] Next Mill/Hieroglyphics (230121)
O.C. "Hidden Gems" CD [$12] Next Mill (NME006)
O.C. & A.G. "Oasis" CD [$15] (NSR134)
Odd Couple (Louis Logic & Jay Love) "Alcohol/Ism" CD [$15] Brick (TEGBRK049)
Oddisee "Mental Liberation" CD [$14] Mello Music (MMG002)
Oddisee & Trek Life "New Money" CD [$14] Mello Music (MMG003)
Oddisee "Odd Seasons" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG017)
Oddisee "Rock Creek Park" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG018)
Oddisee "People Hear What They See" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG028)
Oddities "The Scenic Route" CD [$13] Battle Axe (BAX9007)
Odd Nosdam "No More Wig For Ohio" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0028)
Odd Nosdam "Burner" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0053)
Odd Nosdam "T.I.M.E. Soundtrack" CD [$14] Anticon (ABR0092)
O-Dub "Deep Covers 2" CD [$10]
Offwhyte "The Fifth Sun" CD [$12] Galapagos4 (G40015)
Offwhyte "Bow To The Scepter" CD [$10] Galapagos4 (G40028)
Offwhyte "Mainstay" CD [$12] Galapagos4 (G40044)
O.G.C. (Originoo Gunn Clappaz) "Da Storm" CD [$15] Priority (50577)
Ohmega Watts "The Find" CD [$15] Ubiquity (UR174)
Oh No "The Disrupt" (album) CD [$13] Stones Throw (STH2097)
Oh No "Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms" CD [$13] Stones Throw (STH2143)
Oh No, Roc C & Rhettmatic "Turn That Shit Up" CD [$10] Stones Throw/Beat Junkie Sound (93303)
Oh No "Dr. No's Oxperiment" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2165)
Oh No "Oh No vs. Now-Again" CD [$17] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NAML001)
Oh No "Dr. No's Ethiopium" CD [$15] Disruption (DS001)
Oh No "Ohnomite" CD [$15] Five Day Weekend (21975)
Oh No "Dr. No's Kali Tornado Funk" CD [$17] Five Day Weekend (FDW7715)
Okayplayer "True Notes Vol. 1" CD [$13] Decon (OKPDC001)
Oktober "Projekt: Building" CD [$12] Freshchest (FCH027)
Oktober Zero "The Devil Smokes Dimebags" CD [$14] Kings Link (KLR4006)
Oktober "Madvandal Revenge" CD [$10]
Ol Dirty Bastard "Return To The 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version" CD [$15] Elektra (61659)
Ol Dirty Bastard "N***a Please" CD [$13] Elektra (62414)
Ol Dirty Bastard "Osirus: The Official Mixtape" CD [$13] JC/Sure Shot (SSR9016)
Ol Dirty Bastard "The Definitive Ol Dirty Bastard Story" CD + DVD [$15] Rhino (74644)
Ol Dirty Bastard "All In Together Now Raw: A Tribute" CD + DVD [$15] Iceman Music/Zu Films (ICE43)
Ol Dirty Bastard "Message To The Other Side (Osirus Part 1)" CD + DVD [$10] Money Maker (203)
Oliver Hart (Eyedea) "The Many Faces of Oliver Hart or How Eye One The Write Too Think" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (RS5101)
Omar Rodriguez Lopez (Mars Volta) "Old Money" CD [$14] Stones Throw (STH2202)
Omega One "The Lo-Fi Chronicles" CD [$13] Nature Sounds (NSD118)
Omid (O.D.) "Monolith" CD [$15] Mush (MH221)
One Be Lo "Kick Push" CD [$12]
One Big Trip CD + DVD [$10] Hieroglyphics (230107)
Onry Ozzborn & JFK (GRAYSKUL) "Deadlivers" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RHY54)
Onry Ozzborn (Oldominion/Grayskul) "In Between" CD [$15] Camobear (CAMO010)
Onry Ozzborn "Hold On For Dear Life" CD [$10] Fake Four Inc (FFINC022)
Onyx "Bacdafucup" CD [$10] JMJ/RAL (314523447)
Onyx "All We Got Iz Us" CD [$13] JMJ/RAL (314529265)
Opio "Triangulation Station" CD [$13] Hieroglyphics (230117)
Opio (Souls of Mischief) "Vulture's Wisdom" CD + DVD [$14] Hieroglyphics (230134)
Opio "Vultures Wisdom Vol. 2" CD [$12] Hieroglyphics
Opus "Breathing Lessons" CD [$15] Mush (MH225)
Organized Konfusion "The Best of Organized Konfusion" CD [$13] Nasty Habits (TR1500)
O.U.O. "Of Unknown Origin" CD [$12] Domination (DOM004)
Outerlimitz feat. Qwazaar of Typical Cats "Suicide Prevention" CD [$12] Galapagos4 (G40034)
Outerspace "Blood And Ashes" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG30)
Outerspace "Blood Brothers" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG81)
Outerspace "My Brother's Keeper" CD [$15] Enemy Soil (11022)
Outkast "ATLiens" CD [$13] Laface (26029)
Outkast "Speakerboxxx/The Love Below" 2CD [$20] Arista (50133)
Outkast "Idlewild" CD [$15] LaFace/Arista (75791)
Ozomatli "Street Signs" CD [$15] Concord (CCD2200)
Ozomatli "Live At The Fillmore" CD + DVD [$17] Concord (22298)
Pacewon & Mr. Green "The Only Number That Matters Is Won" CD [$15] Raw Poetix
Pacifics "Sunday's Chicken" CD [$13] All Natural (AN38)
Pacifics & Illmind "The Case" CD [$10] All Natural (AN046)
PackFM "WhutduzFMstand4" CD [$15] QN5 Music
PackFM "I F*cking Hate Rappers" CD [$15] QN5 (028)
PackFM "Featured Material Vol. 4" CD [$10] QN5 Music
Panik (Molemen) "Instrumental #11: Action Not Talk" CD [$12] Molemen
Panik (Molemen) "Instrumentals #12: The Cop Show Themes" CD [$12] Molemen
Papoose "The Best of Papoose: The Official Mixtape" [$13] MTR Records (MTR9876)
Parallel Thought "3:33 (EP 1)" CD [$10] (PTL22003)
Paris "Sonic Jihad" CD [$15] Guerilla Funk (GF1005)
Party Fun Action Committee "Let's Get Serious" CD [$12] Definitive Jux (DJX63)
Passage "The Forcefield Kids" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0038)
Paten Locke "Super Ramen Rocketship" CD [$14] Tres (396062)
Paul Nice "Drum Library" 2xCD [$25] Super Break (SB002)
P.E.A.C.E. "Megabite" CD [$12] Battle Axe (BAX1029)
Peanut Butter Wolf "Jukebox 45's" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2044)
Peanut Butter Wolf "Stones Throw Ten Years" 2xCD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2142)
Peanut Butter Wolf "2K8: B-Ball Zombie War" CD [$13] Decon/Stones Throw (STH2186)
Peanut Butter Wolf "666 Mix" CD [$12] (PBW666)
Peanut Butter Wolf presents "Badd Santa" CD [$14] Stones Throw (STH2181)
Peanut Butter Wolf "Straight To Tape 1990-1992" CD [$13] (PBW009)
Peanut Butter Wolf "45 Live: A Classic Rap Mix" CD [$15] Five Day Weekend (FDW7701)
Pedestrian "Volume One: Unindian Songs" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0044)
People Under The Stairs "Question in the Form of an Answer" CD [$15] Om Records (OM036)
People Under The Stairs "Or Stay Tuned CD [$12] Om (30337)
People Under The Stairs "The Om Years" 2xCD [$14] Om Records (OH312)
People Under The Stairs "Fun DMC" CD [$13] Gold Dust Media (GDM007)
People Under The Stairs "Carried Away" CD [$14] OM Records (30987)
People Under The Stairs "Highlighter" CD [$15] Piecelock 70 (7003)
Pep Love "Ascension" CD [$15] Hieroglyphics (2301052)
Pep Love "Rigmarole" CD [$12] Hieroglyphics (CL1052)
Percee P "Perseverance" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2120)
Percee P "Perseverance: Madlib Remix" CD [$13] Stones Throw (STH2185)
Perceptionists (Mr. Lif, Akrobatik & Fakts One) "Black Dialogue" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX103)
Perceptionists "Live And Direct" CD [$12] Thought Wizard
Perceptive Records presents "Empanadas, Climbing Trees & Water Balloons" CD [$10] Perceptive (PRC007)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth "Mecca And The Soul Brother" (Deluxe Edition Box Set) 2xCD [$20] Elektra/Traffic (75515)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth "The Main Ingredient" CD [$12] Elektra (61661)
Pete Rock & CL Smooth "The Main Ingredient" (Deluxe Edition Box Set) 2xCD [$18] Elektra (75521)
Pete Rock "Soul Survivor" CD [$15] Loud (67616)
Pete Rock "The Surviving Elements" CD [$13] BBE/Rapster (RR0040)
Pete Rock "Underground Classics" CD [$15] Rapster (RR0062)
Pete Rock "NY's Finest" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD135)
Pete Rock "NY's Finest (INSTRUMENTAL)" CD [$13] Nature Sounds (NSD137)
Pete Rock & Smif-N-Wessun "Monumental" CD [$17] Duck Down (DDM2170)
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 1" CD [$7]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 2" CD [$7]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 3" CD [$8]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 4" CD [$8]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 5" CD [$8]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 6" CD [$8]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 7" CD [$8]
P.F. Cuttin & Labba "Greatness" CD [$8] East NY Radio
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 8" CD [$8]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Episode 9 + 10" 2xCD [$10]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 11" CD [$8]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Episode 12 + 13" 2xCD [$12]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Pt. 14" CD [$10]
P.F. Cuttin "East NY Radio Episode 15 + 16" 2xCD [$12]
Pharcyde "Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde (Expanded Edition)" 3xCD [$18] Delicious Vinyl (DV9057)
Pharcyde "Labcabincalifornia" CD [$15] Delicious Vinyl (76771)
Pharcyde "Sold My Soul: The Remix & Rarity Collection" 2xCD [$15] Funky Chemist (TR1600)
Pharcyde "Bobby Evans Mix" CD [$13] Delicious Vinyl (DV9046)
Pharoahe Monch "Desire" CD [$15] Universal (B0008096)
Pharoahe Monch "W.A.R. (We Are Renegades)" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2165)
Phesto Dee "Background Check" CD [$12] Hieroglyphics
Phife Dawg "Ventilation" CD [$10] Groove Attack (GAP068)
Phil The Agony "The Aromatic Album" CD [$12] Vocab/Goodvibe (VCB10002)
Phonte (Little Brother) "Charity Starts At Home" CD [$13] Foreign Exchange/HBD
Phoreyez "Found In Translation" CD [$12] Mochilla (MOCD015)
Pigeon John "Sings The Blues" CD [$13] Basement (1145)
Planet Asia "The Medicine" CD [$13] ABB (ABB1078)
Planet Asia & Gold Chain Military "Chain of Command" CD [$17] (RBC79)
Planet Asia "Black Belt Theatre" CD [$15] Green Streets (GSE737)
Plantlife "Time Traveller" CD [$13] Easyleague/Decon (DCN58)
Platinum Pied Pipers "Triple P" CD [$15] Ubiquity (11168)
PMD "The Awakening" CD [$8] Hit Squad (TEG2405)
PNS (Molemen) "12 Bit Soul" 2xCD [$12] Molemen
Poets of Rhythm "What Goes Round" CD [$15] Shadow (SDW125)
Poets of Rhythm "Practice What You Preach" CD [$13] Daptone (DAP007)
Poison Pen "The Money Shot" CD [$14] Gold Dust (GDM17)
Polyester "Peace Love Unity Respect" CD [$15] ihiphop (IHI48)
Polyrhythm Addicts "Break Glass" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG310)
Poor Righteous Teachers "Rare And Unreleased" CD [$12] Cha-Ching (CCR0100)
Porn Theatre Ushers "Taxachusetts" CD [$13] Detonator (DET0190)
Portishead "Dummy" CD [$15] Go/London (422828553)
Portishead "Portishead" CD [$15] Go/London (314539189)
Portishead "Third" CD [$13] Mercury (B0011141)
P.O.S. "Ipecac Neat" CD [$10] Rhymesayers (0052)
P.O.S. "Audition" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RHY70)
P.O.S. "Never Better" (Limited Edition) CD [$14] Rhymesayers (RSE0102)
Potluck "Rhymes And Resin" CD [$14] Suburban Noize (291)
PPP (Platinum Pied Pipers) "Abundance" CD [$15] Ubiquity (11239)
Prefuse 73 "Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives" CD [$12] Warp (WARP83)
Prefuse 73 (The 92 vs. 02 Collection) "Desks Pencils Bottles/When Irony Wears Thin/It Never Entered/Love You Bring" CD [$7] Warp (WAP156)
Prefuse 73 "Extinguished: Outtakes" CD [$10] Warp (WAP164)
Prefuse 73 "Surrounded By Silence" CD [$15] Warp (WRP129)
Prefuse 73 "Reads The Books" CD [$10] Warp (WAP189)
Prefuse 73 "Security Screenings" CD [$12] Warp (WAP140)
Prefuse 73 "Preparations" CD [$15] Warp (WARP158)
Prefuse 73 "Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian" CD [$14] Warp (WARP179)
Prefuse 73 & Zach Hill "Diamond Watch Wrists: Ice Capped At Both Ends" CD [$14] Warp (WARP181)
Prefuse 73 "The Only She Chapters" CD [$15] Warp (WARP208)
Presence "Common Man's Anthems" CD [$12] Uncommon (UN02)
Primeridian "Da All Nighta" CD [$12] All Natural (AN039)
Prince Paul "Psychoanalysis (What Is It)" CD [$12] Tommy Boy (TB1209)
Prince Paul "Politics Of The Business" CD [$13] Razor & Tie (RT82888)
Prince Paul, Bernie Worrell & Newkirk (Baby Elephant) "Turn My Teeth Up" CD [$13] Godforsaken/Defend (DDS85010)
Prince Paul & Peanut Butter Wolf "Be Our Valentine" CD [$14] (PBW008)
Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) "The Slickness" CD [$15] Lex (5250)
Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) "Prettyblack" CD [$13] Nasty Habits (TEG2429)
Prince Po (Organized Konfusion) & TOMC3 "Saga of the Simian Samurai" CD [$13] Threshold (THR4156)
Procussions "As Iron Sharpens Iron" CD [$14] Traffic (TEG2412)
Prodigy of Mobb Deep "H.N.I.C." CD [$13] Loud (1873)
Prodigy of Mobb Deep "Return of the Mac" CD [$17] Koch (KOC5534)
Prodigy of Mobb Deep "H.N.I.C. Pt. 2" CD [$17] AAO Music (40701)
Prodigy, Big Twins & Un Pacino "Product of the 80's" CD [$15] Dirt Class (DCR5002)
Prodigy of Mobb Deep "H.N.I.C. 3 (Deluxe Edition)" CD + DVD [$17] Infamous (12)
Proh Mic "Rhythm For Days + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$15] All Natural (AN059)
Project Blowed presents "The Good Brothers" CD [$12] Deconstruction/Project Blowed (275153)
Project Blowed "10th Year Anniversary" CD + DVD [$15] (DCN17)
Project Move "Love Gone Wrong/The Butterfly Theory" CD [$13] Sun Moon (TEG2427)
Pro The Leader & Nova-Kane "Know The Names" CD [$12] Chambermusik
Pro The Leader & Dopestyle "In The Hip Hop Depression" CD [$12] Know The Names
Psalm One "The Death of Frequent Flyer" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RHY76)
Pseudo Slang "Thank God It's Not Another Mixtape" CD [$10]
Pseudo Slang "We'll Keep Looking" CD [$13] Fat Beats (FB5126)
Public Enemy "Yo! Bum Rush The Show" CD [$10] Def Jam (314527357)
Public Enemy "It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back" CD [$10] Def Jam (314527358)
Public Enemy "Fear of a Black Planet" CD [$10] Def Jam (314523446)
Public Enemy "Apocalypse 91: The Enemy Strikes Black" CD [$10] Def Jam (314523479)
Public Enemy "Revolverlution" CD [$17] Koch (KOC8388)
Public Enemy "New Whirl Odor" CD + DVD [$15] Slam Jamz (SJR1005)
Public Enemy feat. Paris "Rebirth of a Nation" CD [$13] Guerrilla Funk (GFK31021)
Pugs Atomz & Grant Parks "Kinda Like A Rapper" CD [$12] Coalmine/Fat Beats (CMM2444)
Pumpkinhead (PH) "Know The Ledge" CD [$13] MCMI (MC0001)
Purify "Remixes Felt" CD [$12] Purify Beats
Purple City (Diplomats) "The Purple Album" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG211)
Purpose & Confidence "The Purpose of Confidence CD [$13] Ill Adrenaline (IAR007)
Pusha T of Clipse "Fear of God II: Let Us Pray" CD [$12] Decon (120)
Q-Tip (Tribe Called Quest) "The Renaissance" CD [$14] Universal Motown (B0012213)
Q-Tip (Tribe Called Quest) "Kamaal The Abstract" CD [$15] Battery/Jive (55519)
Quakers "Quakers" 2xCD [$17] Stones Throw (STH7228)
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro "Tradition In Transition" CD [$12] Tru Thoughts
Quantic "Caja Y Guacharacha" CD [$12] Mochilla (MOCD012)
Quasimoto "The Unseen + Instrumental" 2xCD [$13] Stones Throw (STH2125)
Quasimoto "The Further Adventures of Lord Quas" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2110)
Quelle Chris "Shotgun & Sleek Rifle" CD [$13] Synergy Works (SW001)
Quest Tha Youngn "One Night Stand" CD [$13] World Wide Grind (WWG002)
Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis "Champs Vs. The League" CD [$14] Brick (BRK092)
Q-Unique (Arsonists) "Vengeance Is Mine" CD [$12] Uncle Howie (UHR021)
Q-Unique (Arsonists) "Between Heaven & Hell" CD [$15] Capital Q (FB5138)
Q-Unique "Arsonists "Between Heaven & Hell" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$13] Capital Q
Qwazaar & Batsauce "Bat Meets Blaine" CD [$15] Galapagos4 (G40055)
Qwel & Maker "The Harvest" CD [$13] Galapagos4 (G40025)
Qwel & Meaty Ogre "Freezerburner" CD [$13] Galapagos4 (G40040)
Qwel & Kip Killagain "The New Wine" CD [$12] Galapagos4 (G40045)
Qwel & Maker "Owl" CD [$15] Galapagos4 (G40050)
Radioinactive "Pyramidi" CD [$14] Mush (MH203)
Radioinactive & AntiMC "Free Kamal" CD [$15] Mush (MH226)
Radix "The Staple" CD [$13] Early Spotter (ESR007)
Radix "Monstaplex" CD [$13] Pro Se/Abstrak (PRS002)
Raekwon "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" CD [$15] Loud (66663)
Raekwon "Immobilarity" CD [$12] Loud (63844)
Raekwon "The Vatican Mixtape Vol. 1" CD [$12] Counterflow (CF089)
Raekwon "The DaVinci Code: The Vatican Mixtape Vol. 2" CD [$14] Ice Water (IWR01718)
Raekwon "House of Wax: Vatican Mixtape Vol. 3" CD [$14] Ice Water (IWR01722)
Raekwon "Icewater: Polluted" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG320)
Raekwon "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II" CD [$17] Ice H2O (IW9429)
Raekwon "Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang" CD [$15] Ice H20 (94906)
Rah Digga "Classic" CD [$15] Raw Koncept (RWK1010)
Rahzel (The Roots) "Rahzel's Greatest Knockouts" CD [$13] Sure Shot (SSR9010)
Rakaa Iriscience (Dilated Peoples) "Crown of Thorns" CD [$15] Decon (DCN96)
Rakim "The Archive: Live, Lost & Found" CD [$15] Fast Life (FSL75)
Rakim "The Seventh Seal" CD [$17] SMC Recordings (SMC342)
Rampage (Flipmode Squad) "Demagraffix" CD [$12] Deep Freeze (DFR9138)
Randam Luck "Graveyard Shift" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG448)
Rapper Big Pooh (Little Brother) "Delightful Bars: North American Pie Version" CD [$14] Hall of Justus (HJR5004)
Rapper Big Pooh (Little Brother) "Dirty Pretty Things" CD [$13] For Members Only (FMO001)
Ras Kass "Institutionalized" CD [$12]
Ras Kass "Eat Or Die" CD [$15] RBC Records (RBC01)
Ras Kass "Institutionalized Volume 2" CD [$10] Babygrande (BYG0370)
Ras Kass & DJ Rhettmatic "A.D.I.D.A.S." 2xCD [$17] Re Up (RUE001)
R.A. The Rugged Man "Die Rugged Man Die" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD111)
R.A. The Rugged Man "Legendary Classics Volume 1" CD + DVD [$17] Greenstreets (GSE724)
Rawkus Records - Best of Decade I (1995-2005) CD [$13] Rawkus/Geffen (B0005798)
Raw Produce "The Feeling of Now (Maxi-EP)" CD [$10] Female Fun (FF010)
Reavers "Terror Firma" CD [$12] Backwoodz/Nature Sounds (GSE703)
Redman "Whut? Thee Album" CD [$12] RAL (314523518)
Redman "Dare Iz A Darkside" CD [$10] RAL (314523846)
Redman "Muddy Waters" CD [$15] Def Jam (314533470)
Redman "Doc's Da Name" CD [$13] Def Jam (314558945)
Redman "Malpractice" CD [$13] Def Jam (314548381)
Redman "Ill At Will Mixtape Vol. 1" CD [$10] Gilla House
Redman "Ill At Will Mixtape Vol. 2: Straight Outta Lo-Cash" CD [$12] Gilla House
Redman "Live From The Bricks" CD [$5] Gilla House
Redman "Red Gone Wild" CD [$14] Def Jam (B0003309)
Redman "Reggie" CD [$15] Def Jam (B0013727)
Reef The Lost Cauze "Feast Or Famine" CD [$14] Good Hands (TEG2462)
Reef The Lost Cauze "A Vicious Cycle" CD [$14] Well Done (WDE001)
Reef The Lost Cauze vs. Guns-N-Butter "Fight Music" CD [$15] Enemy Soil (1002)
Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) "Revolutions Per Minute" CD [$17] Warner Bros (512766)
Reks "Grey Hairs" CD [$15] Showoff/Brick (BRK084)
Reks "Rhythmatic Eternal King Supreme" CD [$15] Brick/Showoff (BRK106)
Reks "Straight No Chaser" CD [$15] Showoff/Brick (SHOWBRK118)
Reks "Rebelutionary" CD [$12] Gracie (10)
Rhymefest "Blue Collar" CD [$12] J Records (70371)
Rhymefest "El Che" CD [$13] Rose Hip (50021)
Rich Medina & Bobbito "The Connection Volume One" CD [$15] R2 Records (R2C0014)
Ricky Powell "Rappin With The Rickster" DVD [$20] (27702)
RJD2 "The Horror" (New Version) 2xCD [$10] RJ's Electrical Connections (RJEC005)
RJD2 "Since We Last Spoke" (New Version) CD [$10] RJ's Electrical Connections (RJEC006)
RJD2 "Magnificent Instrumentals" CD [$13] Decon (DCN38)
RJD2 "Things Go Better (Instrumental)" CD [$13] Bustown Pride
RJD2 "The Third Hand" CD [$15] XL Recordings (XL263)
RJD2 "The Third Hand (INSTRUMENTAL)" CD [$12] XL Recordings (40274)
RJD2 "The Colossus" CD [$13] RJ's Electrical Connections (55)
RJD2 "Inversions of the Colossus" CD [$13] RJ's Electrical Connections (10)
RJD2 "The Insane Warrior: We Are The Doorways" CD [$13] (RJEC0011)
RJD2 & Aaron Livingston (Icebird) "The Abandoned Lullaby" CD [$13] RJ's Electrical Connections (RJEC0012)
Robert Glasper "Black Radio" CD [$17] Blue Note (883392)
Rob Sonic (Sonic Sum) "Telicatessen" CD [$13] Definitive Jux (DJX95)
Rob Sonic "Sabotage Gigante" CD [$14] Definitive Jux (DJX141)
Rob Swift "Soulful Fruit (New Version)" CD [$5] Fat Beats (6591235115)
Rob Swift, Total Eclipse & Precision (X-ecutioners) "Ill Insanity: Ground Xero" CD [$13] The Ablist (TAP510)
Rob Swift "As The Technics Spin" DVD [$15] Ablist (AP504)
Rob Swift (X-ecutioners) "The Architect" CD [$15] Ipecac (117)
Rob The Viking "Beats To Pillage & Conquer By" CD [$13] Battle Axe (BAX1017)
Robust "Potholes In Our Molecules" CD [$10] Galapagos4 (G40022)
Robust & Pore "Something To Sit On" CD [$14] Galapagos4 (G40051)
Roc C (prod. Oh No) "All Questions Answered (A.Q.A.)" CD [$13] Stones Throw (STH2139)
Roc C "The Transcontinental" CD [$14] E1 Music (9593)
Roc C "Scapegoat" CD [$13] KashRoc (KRE001)
Roc C "Stoned Genius" CD [$15] Kash Roc (KRE002)
Roc C & Chali 2na (Ron Artiste) "R.I.D.S." CD [$13] KashRoc (KRE003)
Rock of Heltah Skeltah "Shell Shock" CD [$14] Duck Down/Bucktown (BTU5006)
Rock of Heltah Skeltah "Rockin Out West" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2205)
Roc Marciano "Marcberg Deluxe + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$15] Fat Beats (FB5137)
Roc Raida (X-ecutioners) "Beats, Cuts & Skits" CD [$13] Adiar Cor (ACR101)
Roc Raida "52 Beats 2008" CD [$12] BBP Records (BBP005)
Ron Contour & Factor "Saffron" CD [$12] Fake Four Inc (FFINC016)
Rondo Brothers feat. Motion Man "The Foreign Globster" CD [$15] Oglio (88025)
Roots "Do You Want More" CD [$10] DGC (24708)
Roots "Illadelph Halflife" CD [$15] DGC (24972)
Roots "Things Fall Apart" CD [$15] MCA (11830)
Roots "Phrenology" CD [$15] MCA (088113078)
Roots "The Tipping Point" CD [$15] Geffen (B0002573)
Roots "Present" CD [$15] Fountainhead (2639)
Roots "Game Theory" CD [$14] Def Jam (B0007222)
Roots "Rising Down" CD [$14] Def Jam (B0011138)
Roots "How I Got Over" CD [$14] Def Jam (B0013085)
Roots "Undun" CD [$15] Def Jam (B0016282)
Roots Manuva "Brand New Second Hand" CD [$15] Big Dada (BDCD010)
Roots Manuva "Run Come Save Me" CD [$15] Big Dada (BD032)
Roots Manuva "Dub Come Save Me" CD [$13] Big Dada (BD040)
Roots Manuva "Awfully Deep" (LIMITED EDITION) 2xCD [$13] Big Dada (BDA072)
Royal Fam (Timbo King) "Years Months Dayz" CD [$10]
Royal Flush "Ghetto Millionaire" CD [$15] Blunt (TVT6610)
Royal Flush "Street Boss" CD [$15] Major Key (112)
Royce "Subtleties of the Game" CD [$12] Galapagos4 (G40017)
Royce "Tuff Love" CD [$12] Galapagos4 (G40038)
Royce Da 5-9 "Rock City Version 2.0" CD [$17] Game (KOC8475)
Royce Da 5-9 "Build & Destroy (The Lost Sessions)" CD [$15] Trouble (TBL5959)
Royce Da 5-9 "M.I.C. (Make It Count)" CD [$14] Sure Shot (SSR9014)
Royce Da 5-9 "Independent's Day" CD [$15] Trouble (5960)
Royce Da 5-9, Statik Selektah & DJ Premier "The Bar Exam" CD [$15] Traffic (72436)
Royce Da 5-9 & DJ Green Lantern "The Album" CD [$15] M.I.C. Records (MIC0248)
Royce Da 5-9 "Street Hop" CD [$14] M.I.C./One Records
Royce Da 5-9 "Success Is Certain" CD [$14] Gracie (42)
Ruste Juxx "Adamantine" CD [$5] Duck Down (DDM2195)
Ruste Juxx & The Arcitype "V.I.C. (Victorious Impervious Champions)" CD [$15] AR Classic/Duck Down (DDM2285)
RZA as Bobby Digital "Digital Bullet" CD [$15] Koch (KOC8182)
RZA "Birth Of A Prince" CD [$15] Sanctuary (84652)
RZA "Afro Samurai Soundtrack" CD [$15] Koch (KOC4187)
RZA presents Freemurda "Let Freedom Reign" CD [$15] Cleopatra (CLP1699)
RZA as Bobby Digital "Digi Snacks" CD [$15] Koch (KOC4209)
RZA "Afro Samurai Resurrection: The Soundtrack" CD [$15] Wu Music Group (WU6260)
Saafir "Paint The Town" CD [$12] (TSO003)
Sabac Red (Non Phixion) "Collabo Collection 2" CD [$13] Uncle Howie
Sabac (Non Phixion) "The Ritual" CD [$15] Psycho+Logical (PLR0052)
Sadat X (Brand Nubian) "Experience & Education" CD [$3] Female Fun (FEM015)
Sadat X (Brand Nubian) "Black October" CD [$10] Riverside Drive/Hard Boiled (RVSR1)
Sadat X (Brand Nubian) "Generation X" CD [$15] Affluent (AFR0008)
Sadat X (Brand Nubian) "Brand New Bein" 2xCD [$15] Ground Original (GNO3500)
Sadat X (Brand Nubian) "Wild Cowboys II" CD [$13] Fat Beats (FB5128)
Sage Francis "Personal Journals" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0021)
Sage Francis "A Healthy Distrust" CD [$13] Epitaph (86709)
Sage Francis "Human The Death Dance" CD [$15] Epitaph (86858) w/free bonus instrumentals CD
Sage Francis "LI(F)E" CD [$15] Anti/Epitaph (87011)
Saigon "Warning Shots 2" CD [$15] Amalgam/E1 (KOC5130)
Saigon "The Greatest Story Never Told" CD [$15] Suburban Noize (271)
Sa-Ra Creative Partners "The Hollywood Recordings" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG313)
Savath & Savalas (Prefuse 73) "Apropa't" CD [$15] Warp (0115)
Savath & Savalas (Prefuse 73) "Manana" CD [$10] Warp (WAP177)
Savath + Savalas (Prefuse 73) "La Llama" CD [$14] Stones Throw (STH2215)
Savath + Savalas (Prefuse 73) "The Predicate (Dub Version)" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2238)
Saul Williams "Saul Williams" CD [$10] Fader (0904)
Saul Williams "The Inevitable Rise & Liberation of Niggy Tardust" CD [$12] Fader (906)
Scarface "Mr. Scarface Is Back" CD [$15] Rap-A-Lot (40365)
Scarub & Very (Afro Classics) "The Classic" CD [$10] Legendary (50026)
Schoolhouse Funk - CD [$17] (RECON618)
Schoolhouse Funk II: Raw Business - CD [$17] Cali-Tex (CT104)
School Me! Volume One (1968-1975) CD [$14] Stage Band Research (SBR001)
Scienz of Life "The Blaxploitation Sessions" CD [$12] Shaman Work (SWR20)
Scratch of The Roots "Loss 4 Wordz" CD [$14] Gold Dust (GDM19)
Screwball "Loyalty (10 Year Anniversary Edition)" CD [$10] Hydra (HYD833)
Sean Born "Behind The Scale" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG022)
Sean Price "Jesus Price Supastar" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2045)
Sean Price presents Ruste Juxx "Indestructible" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2095)
Sean Price, Black Milk & Guilty Simpson "Random Axe" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2185)
Sean Toure "Sound Channeler: The Invisible Man" CD [$10] Rosachi Music (RMG001)
Seasunz + J. Bless "Earth Amplified" CD [$13]
Self Scientific "Gods And Gangsters" CD [$13] Angeles Records
Semi-Official (I Self Devine & DJ Abilities) "The Anti-Album" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RS0035)
Sene & Blu "A Day Late & A Dollar Short" CD [$12] Shaman Work (43)
Sene "Brooklynight" CD [$10] Plug Research (PLG129)
Seu Jorge and Almaz - CD [$15] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5068)
7L & Esoteric "Speaking Real Words (New Version + Bonus Tracks)" CD [$10] Direct (TEG4501)
7L & Beyonder (Vinyl Thug Music) "Welcome To Shaftville U.S.A." CD [$14] Brick (TEGBRK051)
7L & Esoteric "A New Dope" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG10)
7L & Esoteric "Egoclapper" CD [$12] Fly Casual (FLY6702)
7L & Esoteric "Serve Or Suffer" CD [$13] Fly Casual (FLY6704)
Shabazz Palaces "Shabazz Palaces (Self-Titled)" CD [$12] Switchblade (9)
Shabazz Palaces "Of Light" CD [$12] Switchblade (10)
Shabazz Palaces (Ish Butterfly of Digable Planets) "Black Up" CD [$14] Sub Pop (70900)
Shabazz The Disciple & DJ Extremidiz "Hood Scripturez" CD [$15] Metal Barz (MB007)
Shabazz The Disciple "Hood Hopera" CD [$15] Chambermusik (CM0162)
Shaman Work presents "The Family Files Vol. 2" CD [$10] Shaman Work (SWM004)
Shaman Work presents "Beatology Vol. 1 & 2: The Science of Hip Hop Production" CD [$12] Shaman Work (SWR13)
Sharkey "Sharkey's Machine" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG20)
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings "Dap Dippin With..." CD [$15] Daptone (DAP001)
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "100 Days 100 Nights" CD [$13] Daptone (DAP012)
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings "I Learned The Hard Way" CD [$14] Daptone (19)
Sha Stimuli "My Soul To Keep" CD [$15] Chambermusik (CHR3011)
Sha Stimuli "Unsung Vol. 1: The Garden of Eden" CD [$15] Chambermusik (CM0143)
Shawn Jackson "Brand New Old Me" CD [$15] Tres (396072)
Shed Light "Perseverance" CD [$12] Early Spotter (ESR003)
Short Bus Alumni "Mr. T's Revenge" CD [$13] Brick (BRK083)
Show & AG "Live Hard" CD [$13] (DITC300)
Show & KRS-ONE "Godsville" CD [$15] DITC Records (308)
Shuko "The Foundation" CD [$10] Coalmine (CM019)
Shyne "Godfather Buried Alive" CD [$13] Def Jam (B0002962)
Siah & Yeshua dapoED "The Visualz" CD [$15] Head Bop (TEG4508)
Sid Roams (Joey Chavez & Bravo) "Zombie Musik" CD [$14] Dirt Class (DCR5005)
Silent Titan "For The Rest of My Days" CD [$13] Obese Records (TST001)
Sir Menelik (Scaramanga) "Cyclops 4000: The Einstein Rosen Bridge" CD [$15] Sun Large (TEG2420)
Sixo "Free Floating Rationales" CD [$8] Fake Four (FFINC036)
Six Shades of the Same Color - CD [$3] Birthwrite (BR002)
Sixtoo "Chewing On Glass & Other Miracle Cures" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN86)
Sixtoo "Jackals And Vipers In Envy of Man" CD [$15] Ninja Tune (NJT137)
Ski Beatz "24 Hour Karate School" CD [$14] DD172/Def Jam (202)
Ski Beatz "24 Hour Karate School Part 2" CD [$12] DD172 (30026)
Ski Beatz "24 Hour Karate School presents Twilight" CD [$12] DD172/Bluroc (30028)
Skillz "Confessions of a Ghostwriter" CD [$15] Sure Shot (SSR9019)
Skillz "The Million Dollar Backpack" CD [$17] Big Kidz/Koch (KOC5854)
Skillz "The World Needs More Skillz" CD [$17] E1 Music (EOM5156)
Skyzoo "The Salvation" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2115)
Skyzoo & Illmind "Live From The Tape Deck" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2180)
Slaine "A World With No Skies 2.0" CD [$14] Suburban Noize (304)
Slaughterhouse (Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz & Royce Da 5-9) "Slaughterhouse" CD [$15] Koch (KOC2052)
Slaughterhouse (Joe Budden, Crooked I, Joell Ortiz & Royce Da 5-9) "The EP" CD [$10] (E1E2111)
Slaughterhouse "Welcome To Our House" (DELUXE EDITION) CD [$15] Shady/Interscope (B0017052)
Sleep of Oldominion "Christopher" CD [$13] Up Above (UPA1014)
Sleep of Oldominion "Hesitation Wounds" CD [$14] Strange Famous
Sleepy Brown, Jazze Pha & Cee-Lo Green "Southern Soul" CD (mixed by Wally Sparks) [$5]
Slick Rick "The Great Adventures of Slick Rick" CD [$10] Def Jam (314527359)
Slick Rick "The Ruler's Back" CD [$10] Def Jam (314527359)
Slick Rick "Behind Bars" CD [$15] Def Jam (314523847)
Slick Rick "The Art of Storytelling" CD [$15] Def Jam (314558936)
Slum Village "Fan-Tas-Tic Vol. 1" CD [$13] Donut Boy/Barak (80020)
Slum Village presents "Dirty District" CD [$15] Sequence (SEQ8003)
Slum Village "Trinity (Past, Present & Future)" CD [$15] Capitol (38911)
Slum Village "Detroit Deli" CD [$15] Capitol (83043)
Slum Village "Villa Manifesto" CD [$17] Ne'Astra/E1 (2102)
Smif-N-Wessun "Dah Shinin" CD [$15] Wreck (NRV2005)
Smif-N-Wessun "Reloaded" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2015)
Smif-N-Wessun "The Album" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2065)
Smiley The Ghetto Child "The Antidote" CD [$15] Mob Entertainment (AMAL0601)
Smoke DZA "George Kush Da Button (Deluxe Edition)" CD [$15] ihiphop (47)
Smoke DZA "Rolling Stoned" CD [$15] ihiphop (60)
Smoke DZA & Harry Fraud "Rugby Thompson" CD [$15] High Times (HTR404)
Snak The Ripper "Sex Machine" CD [$12] Camobear
Snoop Dogg "Tha Blue Carpet Treatment" CD [$15] Geffen (B0008023)
Snoop Dogg "Malice N Wonderland" CD [$15] Priority (308942)
Snowgoons "German Lugers" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG305)
Snowgoons "Black Snow" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG361)
Snowgoons "Instrumentals" 2xCD [$10] Babygrande (BBG392)
Snowgoons "A Fist In The Thought" CD [$10] Babygrande (BYG433)
Snowgoons "The Trojan Horse" CD [$15] ihiphop (IHI20)
Snowgoons "Dynasty" 2xCD [$15] Switchblade (24)
Society of Invisibles "The Society of Invisibles" CD [$13] Babygrande (BBG42)
Sole "Bottle of Humans" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0011)
Sole "Selling Live Water" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0026)
Sole "Live From Rome" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0048)
Sole & The Skyrider Band "Hello Cruel World" CD [$12] Fake Four (FFI027)
Solillaquists of Sound "As If We Existed" CD [$13] Anti/Epitaph (86825)
Solillaquists of Sound "No More Heroes" CD [$14] Anti/Epitaph (86944)
Solomon Childs "The Young General" CD [$13] Chambermusik (CM0126)
Solomon Childs "Wu-Tang 4 Life" CD [$15] Chambermusik (CM1050)
Sol Uprising (Lil Sci & Stacy Epps) "Sol Power" CD [$15] Groove Attack (GAT29009)
Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap (Soundtrack) CD [$12] Sony Music (46138)
Son Doobie "Doobie Deluxe" CD [$13] Battle Axe (BAX1035)
Sonic Sum "Films" CD [$14] Definitive Jux (DJX154)
Soul Assassins "Intermission" CD [$14] Gold Dust (GDM20)
Soulive "Turn It Out Remixed" CD [$15] Velour (VEL0207)
Soulive "Up Here" CD + DVD [$13] Royal Family (SOU0819)
Soul Position (RJD2 & Blueprint) "Unlimited" CD [$10] Rhymesayers (RS0025)
Soul Position (RJD2 & Blueprint) "8 Million Stories" CD [$15] Rhymesayers (6591235107)
Soul Position "8 Million Stories (INSTRUMENTAL)" CD [$13] Rhymesayers (RS0043)
Soul Position (RJD2 & Blueprint) "Things Go Better With RJ And AL" CD [$14] Rhymesayers (RHY72)
S.O.U.L. Purpose "The Construction" CD [$13] Devoon (DE0001)
Souls of Mischief "93 Til Infinity" CD [$12] Jive (41514)
Souls of Mischief "No Man's Land" CD [$12] Jive (41551)
Souls of Mischief "Montezuma's Revenge + Instrumentals" 2xCD [$12] Clear Label (CL1033)
Soul Supreme presents "The Saturday Nite Agenda" CD + DVD [$14] Grit (GRI1)
Sound Ink "Colapsus" CD [$12] Sound-Ink (SIR001)
Sound Providers & Surreal "True Indeed" CD [$13] ABB (ABB1084)
South Dallas All Stars "Live At The South Dallas Pop Festival 1970" CD [$15] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5007)
Spank Rock "YoYoYoYoYo" CD [$13] Big Dada (BD091)
Spank Rock "Everything Is Boring & Everyone Is a F---ing Liar" CD [$13] Bad Blood (40545)
Spearhead "Home" CD [$15] Capitol (29113)
Spearhead "Chocolate Supa Highway" CD [$15] Capitol (31959)
Special Ed "Youngest In Charge" (Extended Version) CD [$13] Sony Music Custom (TEG78501)
Special Teamz (Ed O.G, Slaine & Jaysaun) "Stereotypez" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2060)
Spiritual Jazz: Esoteric, Modal + Deep Jazz From The Underground 1968-77 - CD [$14] Jazzman/Now-Again (NA5042)
Splash "The Ripple Effect (+Instrumentals)" 2xCD [$12] Amp Truth (AMPT002)
Spork Kills feat. Louis Logic "Beaches Love Us" CD [$5] See The Cheetah
Starving Artists Crew "Up Pops The Sac" CD [$5] Fat Beats (6591235110)
Stark Reality "Now" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2058)
Statik Selektah "Spell My Name Right" CD [$15] Showoff/Brick (BRK080)
Statik Selektah "Stick 2 The Script" CD [$15] Showoff/Brick (BRK088)
Statik Selektah "100 Proof (The Hangover)" CD [$15] Showoff/Brick (BRK098)
Statik Selectah & Termanology "1982" CD [$15] Showoff/Brick (SHOWBRK101)
Statik Selektah "Population Control" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2245)
Statik Selektah & Termanology "2012" CD [$15] Traffic (40031)
Steele (Smif-N-Wessun) "Hotstyle Takeover" CD [$13] Bucktown USA (BTU5005)
Steele (Smif-N-Wessun) "Welcome To Bucktown" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2100)
Steele (Smif-N-Wessun) "Amerikkka's Nightmare Part 2: Children of War" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2140)
Stetsasonic "On Fire" CD [$17] (TEG75520)
Stezo "Crazy Noise" CD [$12] Fresh (76510) of Dead Prez "Manhood" CD [$13] Boss Up (TEG2446)
Stig of the Dump "Mood Swings" CD [$3] (LEWIS044)
Stik Figa "As Himself" CD [$12] Mello Music (MMG027)
Strange Fruit Project "The Healing" CD [$14] Spilt Milk/Om Records (OM30620)
Strange Fruit Project "S1 Music Box" CD [$15] Spilt Milk (SPILT006)
Streets "A Grand Don't Come For Free" CD [$12] Vice (61534)
Strong Arm Steady "Deep Hearted" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD125)
Strong Arm Steady "In Search of Stoney Jackson" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2235)
Strong Arm Steady "Arms & Hammers" CD [$15] Blacksmith/Element 9 (9001)
Strong Arm Steady & Statik Selektah "Stereotype" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2299)
Stu Bangas & Vanderslice "Diggaz With Attitude" CD [$13] Man Bites Dog (55)
Styles of Beyond "2000 Fold" CD [$15] Ideal (048810013)
Styles P & DJ Green Lantern "The Green Ghost Project" CD [$15] Invasion/TVT (1012)
Submerged State Tour 2G4 (compilation) CD [$12] Galapagos4
Substance Abuse "Overproof" CD [$13] Threshold (THR4103)
Substantial "Sacrifice" CD [$15] HBD Label Group (HBDQ26)
Substantial "Home Is Where The Art Is" CD [$13] Mello Music (MMG029)
Subtle "For Hero For Fool" CD [$13] Lex/Astralwerks (ASW74866)
Sunz of Man "The Old Testament" CD [$14] GSE (GSE705)
Sunz of Man present 60 Second Assassin "Remarkable Timing" CD [$14] 101 Distribution (8493)
Supastition aka Kam Moye "Splitting Image" CD [$14] MYX Music (RBC73)
Super Chron Flight Brothers "Emergency Powers: The World Tour" CD [$14] Backwoodz (GSE716)
Super Chron Flight Brothers "Cape Verde" CD [$15] Backwoodz (BWZ725)
Superduckbreaks: The Saga CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2046)
Supernatural "The Lost Freestyle Files" CD [$10] Babygrande (BBG3)
Supernatural "S.P.I.T." CD [$15] Up Above (UPA1017)
Superstar Quamallah "Invisible Man" CD [$13] Brick (BRKCR094)
Superstar Quamallah & Deqawn "Talkin All That Jazz" CD [$15] Brick (BRK108)
Sweatshop Union "Bill Murray" CD + DVD [$14] Urbnet (1093)
Swollen Members "Balance" CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAX5001)
Swollen Members "Balance" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAX1022)
Swollen Members "Bad Dreams" CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAX1009)
Swollen Members "Monsters In The Closet" CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAX1013)
Swollen Members "Monsters In The Closet" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$14] Battle Axe (BAX1015)
Swollen Members "Bad Dreams" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$13] Battle Axe (BAX1019)
Swollen Members "Armed To The Teeth" CD [$15] Suburban Noize (BAT136)
Swollen Members "Greatest Hits: Ten Years of Turmoil" CD [$15] Battle Axe (BAT180)
Swollen Members "Dagger Mouth" CD [$15] Suburban Noize (274)
Swollen Members "Monsters II" CD [$14] Battle Axe/Suburban Noize (BAT303)
Tage Future feat. Copywrite (MHz) "Highly Recommended Vol. 1" CD [$12] O.D.O.T.
Tajai (Souls of Mischief) "Power Movement" CD [$15] Hieroglyphics (230113)
Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek "Reflection Eternal" CD [$15] Rawkus (088112923)
Talib Kweli "Quality" CD [$15] Rawkus (088113048)
Talib Kweli "The Beautiful Struggle" CD [$15] Rawkus (B0003407)
Talib Kweli & Madlib "Liberation" CD [$5] Blacksmith
Talib Kweli "Eardrum" CD [$14] Blacksmith/Warner Bros (277244)
Talib Kweli "Gutter Rainbows" CD [$15] (3D2215)
Tanya Morgan "Moonlighting" CD [$13] Loud Minority (LMM005)
Tanya Morgan "The Bridge" CD [$12] Interdependent (1082)
Tanya Morgan "Brooklynati" CD [$14] Interdependent (1112)
Tanya Morgan presents Donwill "Don Cusack In High Fidelity" CD [$12] Interdependent (IM114)
Tanya Morgan "You & What Army" CD [$12] HiPNOTT (HNR016)
Tek of Smif-N-Wessun "It Is What It Is" CD [$15] Major Key (MK012)
Tek of Smif-N-Wessun "I Got This" CD [$15] Bucktown (BTU5003)
Tek of Smif-N-Wessun "U.G.P. (UnderGround Prince)" CD [$15] Bucktown USA (BTU5007)
Termanology & DC "Out The Gate" CD [$13] St Records/Amalgam (AMAL040)
Termanology "Hood Politics IV: Show And Prove" CD [$15] Brick (BRK072)
Termanology "Hood Politics V" CD [$15] St. Records (50005)
Termanology "Politics As Usual" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD139)
Termanology "Time Machine" CD [$15] St. Records (STR006)
Termanology "Cameo King II" CD [$15] St Records (STR007)
Tes "x2 (Times Two)" CD [$15] Lex (LEX5120)
Texas Funk: Black Gold From The Lone Star State 1968-1975 - CD [$13] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5019)
Thaione Davis "Situation Renaissance" CD [$10] Birthwrite (BR008)
Themselves (Doseone & Jel) "The Free Houdini" CD [$10] Anticon (ABR0095)
Themselves (Doseone & Jel) "CrownsDown" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0096)
Themselves (Doseone & Jel) "Crowns Down & Company" CD [$12] Anticon (ABR0106)
Theodore Unit (Ghostface Killah) "718" CD [$15] Sure Shot (SSR9012)
Thes One (People Under The Stairs) "Lifestyle Marketing" 2xCD [$13] Tres/Wax Orchard (WAX8)
Thievery Corporation "Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi" CD [$15] ESL (ESL90)
Thievery Corporation "The Richest Man In Babylon" CD [$15] ESL Music (ESL60)
Thievery Corporation "The Cosmic Game" CD [$15] ESL Music (ESL081)
Think Differently presents "Sneakers" CD [$5] Think Differently
Third Sight "Symbionese Liberation Army" CD [$13] Disgruntled/Amalgam (DSGR004)
Third Unheard: Connecticut Hip Hop 1979-1983 - CD [$13] Stones Throw (STH2083)
Thirstin Howl III "Serial Skiller" CD [$14] Skillionaire (TH004)
Thirstin Howl III "Skilligan's Island" CD [$12] Skillionaire (LSR9217)
Thirstin Howl III "Licensed To Skill" CD [$13] Traffic (TEG2401)
Thirstin Howl III "La Cura: Spanglish" CD [$15] Skillionaire
13 & God (Dose One, Jel & Dax Pierson) "13 & God" CD [$13] Anticon (ABR0049)
13 & God "Own Your Ghost" CD [$17] Anticon (104)
Three Times Dope "The Sequel" CD [$15] Ruffhouse/Revel (RVL3927)
Timbo King "From Babylon To Timbuk2" CD [$15] Nature Sounds (NSD149)
Timeless: The Composer/Arranger Series - 3xDVD Box Set [$32] Mochilla (MODVD004)
Time Machine "TM Radio" CD [$15] Glow In The Dark (GITD007)
Time Machine "Life Is Expensive" CD [$15] Glow In The Dark (GITD017)
Tiye Phoenix "Half Woman Half Amazin" CD [$10] Babygrande (BYG435)
T La Rock "Lyrical King" CD [$12] Fresh (TEG76505)
Toki Wright "A Different Mirror" CD [$10] Rhymesayers (RSE0107)
Tommy Guerrero "From The Soil To The Soul" CD [$13] Quannum (QP0071)
Tonedeff "Archetype" CD + DVD [$18] Freshchest (FCH044)
Tonedeff "Cold Killed Collected" 2xCD [$20] QN5 (031)
Tone Loc "Loc-ed After Dark" CD [$12] Delicious Vinyl (76774)
Tone Spliff "Work Ethics" CD [$15] Belmont/Mind Write
Tony Touch "The Piecemaker II" CD [$15] Koch (KOC9547)
Torae & Marco Polo "Double Barrel" CD [$15] Duck Down (DDM2105)
Trademark Da Skydiver "Supervillain Issue #1" CD [$15] ihiphop (IHI34)
Trademark Da Skydiver "Supervillain Issue #2" CD [$15] ihiphop (IHI35)
Trademark Da Skydiver "Supervillain Issue #3: Reign Supreme" CD [$15] ihiphop (IHI44)
Tragedy Khadafi "Thug Matrix (New Version)" CD [$17] Fastlife (FSL43)
Tragedy Khadafi "Thug Matrix Vol. 2" CD [$15] 25 To Life (252L113)
Tragedy Khadafi "The Death of Tragedy" CD [$15] 25 To Life (TEG2439)
Tragedy Khadafi & Trez "Lethal Weapon" CD [$17] Brass One/16 Chapel (SXC207)
Travis Barker "Give The Drummer Some" (Deluxe Edition) CD [$18] Interscope (B0015396)
Trek Life "Everything Changed Nothing" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG010)
Trek Life "Wouldn't Change Nothing" CD [$10] Mello Music (MMG010B)
Tres Records presents "Seis: Six Year Anniversary Compilation" CD [$13] Tres (TR396066)
Tribe Called Quest "People's Instinctive Travels And The Paths of Rhythm" CD [$12] Jive (1331)
Tribe Called Quest "The Low End Theory" CD [$12] Jive (1418)
Tribe Called Quest "Midnight Marauders" CD [$12] Jive (41490)
Tribe Called Quest "Beats Rhymes & Life" CD [$12] Jive (41587)
Tribe Called Quest "The Love Movement" CD [$12] Jive (41638)
Trife Diesel "Better Late Than Never" CD [$15] (TDL781)
Triple Play (Chaundon, Joe Scudda & Jozeemo) "The Second Inning" CD [$10] Hall of Justus (HJR5006)
Triple Threat (Shortkut, Vinroc & Apollo) "Many Styles" CD [$15] Triple Threat (35104)
Truth & Soul presents "Fallin Off The Reel II" CD [$13] Truth & Soul (TSCD004)
Truthlive (prod. Jake One) "Patience" CD [$13] Interdependent (116)
2Pac "Live" CD [$13] Koch (KOC5746)
2Pac "Loyal To The Game" CD [$13] Interscope (B0003861)
Twin Perils "Dark Alliance" CD [$13] Holographic Pagoda (HPR916050)
Twin Perils "Word Supremacy" CD [$13] Holographic Pagoda
Twin Perils "Speak And Destroy" CD [$13] Holographic Pagoda (HPR916052)
2 Hungry Bros present 8thW1 "No Room For Dessert" CD [$12] Domination (DOM105)
2Mex "B-Boys In Occupied Mexico" CD [$14] Up Above (UPA1012)
2Mex "Sweat Lodge Infinite" CD [$14] Temporary Whatever (TW102)
2Mex "Self Titled Album" CD [$13] Image (PAL2083)
2Mex of The Visionaries (Songodsuns) "Over The Counter Culutre" CD [$13] Up Above Records (UPA1013)
2Mex & Life Rexall (Smartyr) "Money Symbol Martyrs" CD [$13] Cornerstone R.A.S. (CRS51)
2Mex "My Fanbase Will Destroy You" CD [$15] Grimm Image/Strange Famous (SFR030)
Tyler, The Creator (Odd Future) "Goblin (Deluxe Version)" 2xCD [$17] XL Recordings (XL529X)
Typical Cats CD [$14] Galapagos4 (G40007)
Typical Cats "Civil Service" CD [$13] Galapagos4 (G40027)
Typical Cats "3" CD [$15] Galapagos4 (G40061)
Ugly Duckling "Journey To Anywhere (+ Bonus)" 2xCD [$13] Emperor Norton (ENR7055)
Ugly Duckling "Taste The Secret" CD [$13] Emperor Norton (ENR7065)
Ugly Tony "At Nightfall" CD [$12] Fly Definition (FLY001)
U-God "Dopium" CD [$15] Babygrande (BBG444)
Ultimate Breaks & Beats - Instrumentals Vol. 1 CD [$14] (TEG3315)
Ultimate Breaks & Beats - Instrumentals Vol. 2 CD [$14] (TEG3320)
Ultimate Breaks & Beats - Instrumentals Vol. 3 CD [$14] (TEG3322)
Ultramagnetic MC's "Critical Beatdown" CD [$17] Next Plateau (168615496)
Ultramagnetic MC's "The Four Horsemen" CD [$13] Wild Pitch (55)
Ultramagnetic MC's "The Best Kept Secret" CD [$12] Dmaft (88014)
Ultramagnetic Foundation (TR Love & DJ Moe Love) "Ultra Laboratory Stories" CD [$15] Black Pegasus (BP04)
UMC's "Fruits of Nature" CD [$12] Wild Pitch (62)
Underground Overstood - CD + DVD [$13] Alchemetric (IDC0450)
U-N-I & Ro Blvd "A Love Supreme 2.0" CD + DVD [$15] London Live (LL11468)
Union "Analogtronics" CD [$13] Fat Beats (FB5144)
UNKLE "Psyence Fiction" CD [$15] Mo Wax/London (314540970)
Unknown Prophets "Le System D" CD [$13]
Untinted: Sources For Madlib's Shades of Blue CD [$12] Blue Note (93163)
Ursula Rucker "Ma'at Mama" CD [$15] K7 Records (K7194)
Vakill "Worst Fears Confirmed" CD [$12] Molemen (MR022)
Vakill "Armor of God" CD [$13] Molemen (MR031)
Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox) "Deuces Wild" CD [$13] One Recordings (30004)
Vast Aire "OX 2010: A Street Odyssey" CD [$5] Man Bites Dog (FB5146)
Venus Malone "Pretty On The Inside" CD [$17] Groove Attack (GAP097)
Verbal Kent "What Box" CD [$13] Gravel (GVL004)
Verbal Kent "Move With The Walls" CD [$13] Gravel (GVL009)
Verbal Kent "Save Yourself" CD [$10]
Verse Essential "Ingenious: Deluxe Edition" CD [$10]
Villain Accelerate (Sixtoo & Stigg of the Dump) "Maid of Gold" CD [$15] Mush (MH219)
Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks) "Season of the Assassin" CD [$15] Enemy Soil (ES1003)
Visionaries "Galleries" CD [$15] Up Above (UPA1002)
Visionaries "Sophomore Jinx" CD [$15] Up Above (UA1003)
Visionaries "Pangaea" CD [$15] Up Above (UPA1006)
Visionaries "We Are The Ones (we've been waiting for)" CD [$15] Up Above (UPA1019)
Voice Watson "Voice Is Yours" CD [$3] Access (ACC005)
Von Pea of Tanya Morgan "Pea's Gotta Have It" CD [$10] Interdependent (118)
Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox) "The Revolution of Yung Havoks" CD [$13] Nature Sounds (NSD105)
Vordul Mega (Cannibal Ox) "Megagraphitti" CD [$15] Green Streets (GSE718)
Wale Oyejide aka Science Fiction "One Day Everything Changed" CD [$12] Shaman Work (SW010)
Wale Oyejide aka Science Fiction "Africahot" CD [$12] Shaman Work (SWR19)
Wascals "Greatest Hits" CD [$14] Delicious Vinyl (DV9029)
Watchmen (Wu-Tang Management) "Power" CD [$15] Platinum City (PCE000018)
We Came From Beyond Vol. 2 CD [$13] Razor & Tie (82895)
Whitefield Brothers "In The Raw" CD [$15] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5039)
Whitefield Brothers "Earthology" CD [$15] Now-Again/Stones Throw (NA5047)
Why? "Oaklandazulasylum" CD [$15] Anticon (ATC29)
Why "Early Whitney" CD [$10] Anticon (ABR0035)
Why "Sanddollars" CD [$10] Anticon (ATC52)
Why "Elephant Eyelash" CD [$15] Anticon (ABR0055)
Wildchild (Lootpack) "Secondary Protocol" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2059)
Wildchild (Lootpack) "Jack of All Trades (+ Instrumentals)" 2xCD [$14] Wildchild (WC805)
Will C "Evil In The Mirror" CD [$13] Brick (BRK095)
Willie Evans Jr (Asamov/AB's) "Introducin" CD [$13] High Water (HWM015)
Will Sessions "The Elmatic Instrumentals" CD [$13] Fat Beats (FB5149)
Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers) "Blessed Be The Poor" CD [$13] Intelligent Muzik (IMG2)
Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers) "The Unconkable Djezuz Djonez" CD [$15] Intelligent Muzik (IMG2)
Wisemen "Children of a Lesser God" CD [$15] ihiphop (IHI31)
Wordsworth "For Those Without Turntables Vol. 1" CD [$10]
Wordsworth "People Without Turntables Volume 2" CD [$10] Wordwide
Wordsworth "People Without Turntables Vol. 3" CD [$10]
Wordsworth (EMC) "People Without Turntables Vol. 4" CD [$10]
Wordsworth (EMC) "People Without Turntables Vol. 5" CD [$10]
Wordsworth "The Photo Album" CD [$13] Wordwide Communication (WW004)
World Famous Tony Williams "King Or The Fool + Another You" CD + 7" [$20] Redefinition (RDF025)
Wu Music Group presents "Pollen: The Swarm Part Three" CD [$14] Wu Music Group (6290)
Wu-Tang Clan "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" CD [$13] Loud/RCA (66336)
Wu-Tang Clan "Wu-Tang Forever" 2xCD [$17] Loud (1837)
Wu-Tang Clan "The W" CD [$12] Loud (62193)
Wu-Tang Clan "Disciples of the 36 Chambers: Chapter 1" CD [$15] Sanctuary (84727)
Wu-Tang Clan "Legend of the Wu-Tang: Greatest Hits" CD [$12] BMG (61645)
Wu-Tang Clan "Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture" CD [$13] Think Differently/Babygrande (BBG212)
Wu-Tang Clan "Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture" (INSTRUMENTAL) CD [$5] Babygrande (BYG0396)
Wu-Tang Clan "Bangaz Under 2:00 + Live At XM Radio" 2xCD [$10] Think Differently
Wu-Tang Clan "8 Diagrams" CD + DVD [$15] Universal (B0010377)
Wu-Tang Clan "Playlist: The Very Best of Wu-Tang Clan" CD [$10] Legacy (22585)
Wu-Tang Clan "Chamber Music" CD [$17] Koch (KOC4215)
Wu-Tang Clan "Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture Vol. 2: Enter The Dubstep" 2xCD [$17] ihiphop (IHI21)
Wu-Tang Clan "Return of the Wu & Friends" CD [$15] Gold Dust (GDM028)
Wu-Tang Clan "Legendary Weapons" CD [$17] Entertainment One (EOM2121)
Wu-Tang Management presents "Watchmen" 2xCD [$18] Platinum City (6)
X-Clan "Mainstream Outlawz" CD [$13] Suburban Noize (NZE109)
X-ecutioners "X-pressions" CD [$15] Asphodel (0977)
X-ecutioners "Built From Scratch" CD [$10] Loud (1878)
X-ecutioners "Scratchology" CD [$15] Sequence (SEQ8007)
X-ecutioners "Revolutions" CD [$12] Columbia (87136)
X-ecutioners "General Patton vs. The X-ecutioners" CD [$15] Ipecac (IPC60)
Xzibit "Full Circle" CD [$15] Koch (KOC4127)
Yahzarah "The Ballad of Purple Saint James" CD [$13] HBD (208116)
Yesterday's New Quintet "Angles Without Edges" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2042)
Yesterday's New Quintet "Stevie (New Version)" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2086)
Yesterday's New Quintet "Monk Hughes & The Outer Realm: A Tribute To Brother Weldon" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2092)
Yesterday's New Quintet "Sound Directions: The Funky Side of Life" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2124)
Yesterday's New Quintet "Yesterday's Universe" CD [$15] Stones Throw (STH2158) w/free bonus "Summer Suite" CD
Yo La Tengo "Here To Fall Remixes" CD [$8] Matador (10929)
Young MC "Stone Cold Rhymin" (Deluxe Edition) CD [$14] Delicious Vinyl (DV9049)
yU of Diamond District "Before Taxes" CD [$15] Mello Music (900255)
yU of Diamond District "The Earn" CD [$15] Mello Music (MMG021)
Yung Kash The Pimp "All Off A Hoe" CD [$2] Illson Media
Zen: A Retrospective - 2CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN85)
Zen: Remix Retrospective - 2CD [$15] Ninja Tune (ZEN85R)
Zero 7 "Simple Things" CD [$15] Quango/Palm Pictures (QMG5007)
Zero 7 "Simple Things Remixes" CD [$12] Quango/Palm (QMG5029)
Zero 7 "When It Falls" CD [$17] Elektra (61558)
Zimbabwe Legit "Brothers From The Mother" CD [$12] Glow In The Dark (GITD006)
Zion I "Deep Water Slang V2.0" CD [$14] Gold Dust Media (GDM005)
Zion I "True & Livin" CD [$13] Gold Dust Media (GDM006)
Zion I & Grouch "Heroes In The City of Dope" CD [$14] Legendary/Om Hip Hop (OM30639)
Zion I "The Take Over" CD [$15] Gold Dust Media (GDM010)
Zion I "Atomic Clock" CD [$15] Gold Dust (GDM032)
Zion I & Grouch "Heroes In The Healing of the Nation" CD [$13] HBD (4416)
Z-Man "Dope Or Dog Food" CD [$13] Refill/Hieroglyphics (230111)
Zo! "SunStorm" CD [$13] Foreign Exchange Music (HBDZ01)
Z-Trip "Shifting Gears" CD [$15] Hollywood (62503)
Z-Trip "All Pro" CD [$13] Decon (DCN52)